Unique Talent

Some of us are terrific at doing things the hard way. I can blame some of my peculiar talent for that on being dyslexic enough to consistently, persistently turn right when I should go left, push when I ought to pull, and stand up when I am expected to sit down. A bit of my wrong-way gift comes from being too intimidated to ask for help and too impatient to study the proper technique. Some share of the problem lies in my sheer stubbornness and iconoclastic eccentricities. Even when I ‘get it’ I can be resistant to sticking to the recipe or just plain forget what I know at precisely the wrong moment.

As I finished writing that last paragraph, in fact, I realized that I’ve been using my little notebook back-to-front and can’t remember why I started using it ‘in reverse’ in the first place.

The great thing about being and upside-down and inside-out sort of person is that most of us outlier sorts manage to muddle through anyhow. There’s a reminder in all of our strangely variant approaches that life offers us more options than we often think to use. Sometimes the sidelong slide into a task proves to lead through unexpectedly wonderful byways or to an unpredictably elegant end.

Falling headlong into life, it seems, is sometimes a happy and wholesome thing.Graphite drawing + text: Flower Arranging

16 thoughts on “Unique Talent

  1. Wonderful Kathryn. I think I am a member of your club, at least definitely when it comes ro turning right instead of left. I think Ive mentioned before on a comment on one of your posts that I have yet to experience turning the right way when coming out of a hotel room. And this post has reminded me that one of the reasons I failed my first driving test was that on the very first instructoon I was given which was “Turn right at the end of this road”. I proceeded to turn left, of course!!

    And I adore this poem! You have brought back memories of my attempting to follow my mum in her very great gift of flower arranging. Despite her teaching me to leave tulips out of flower arrangements I stilll tried; they have a life of their own especially when “drunk” which happens if they have too much water. These dsys I still buy them but plonk them in a vase and delight in watching them behave in whatever drunken manner they desire!! 😄 x

    • There’s a pretty good ‘trick’ for dealing with bendy tulips, though I don’t mind at all the way they look when arched like rainbows. The trick is to pierce clear through the stem of each with a pin, about 2 cm below the petals. Don’t know exactly why, but it tends to keep them upright, straight, and tall for longer. You and I can enjoy our extensive lost times with nice, tall, straight bouquets of tulips in hand, if we want! 😉


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