Celebrate Anyway

Christmas day means nothing at all to a whole lot of the world. Even some fairly devoted Christians are either skeptical about the accuracy of modern guesstimates of when the historical person Jesus appeared on earth or, in some cases, just plain weary of the commercial kidnaping of Christmas as a secular holiday. Beyond that, there are innumerable people and nations so impoverished or endangered as individuals, as communities, or as entire regions of the world that the last thing they can afford to pay attention to is an arbitrarily set date for recognizing anything as a reason for joy and revelry.Photo: Cymbals

There are no gladly clashing cymbals, no brass choirs trumpeting their huzzahs to the skies, no parades or packages, masses or meditations that can fill the void in hearts and homes oppressed by war, famine, disease, hatred, or inner turmoil. The very thought of happiness and reverential bliss, if it can even pierce the noise and violence, the stress and terror holding such people hostage, seems hollow and artificial. Goodness and light are as distant and unimaginable as the most ridiculous fiction.
Photo: What a Lot of Brass

These sufferers deserve to have their sorrows and their pains lifted from them, obliterated by any and all who dare to change history. No one knows better than I that not everyone has the strength and wherewithal to be so bold in action. But if we cannot do so with our physical labors, we must do so with our hearts and minds, our words, our plans, and our constancy in spirit. One voice at a time, one solitary note sung by a tiny, quavering voice, is the only way to begin moving toward a day when others, also one by one, will join and build to a worldwide song of peace. Only when we direct our every breath toward healing, harmony, and hope will the song come fully alive. Every atom of our being will whisper, speak, sing, and shout until the whole of humanity rings with echoing gladness.
Photo: Stringed Instruments

One moment’s pause, one hour of cease-fire, one hospital patient or lost child or elderly neighbor rescued for one single part of a day at a time makes space for the sound to bloom. We need to make room, and lest the horrors should return to fill the void, we must fill it up instead with songs of hope and joy and celebrate any way we possibly can. The other voices will someday, if we sing for long enough, follow.

23 thoughts on “Celebrate Anyway

    • There really *is* a lot to celebrate, whether through a holiday or just because it’s a good thing in our lives. I’m glad you enjoyed the post, my friend. A very happy 2015 to you!

    • You are so right. And I can see abundant evidence of your helping nature in the way that you care for and defend your patients, among other things! All best to you and your loved ones in the year ahead!

    • Oh, I know that you have quite the gift for recognizing the small and subtle beauties along with the grand and showy ones, my dear. I’m glad that you liked the post, all the same. I hope your Christmas *was* merry indeed and that 2015 will be fabulous for you from start to finish!

    • I think there are really a lot of us in this world that *do* agree we should be joyful about what we have in common and what great and good things we have in our lives. The more that we are able to share that way of thinking with each other, it may be that we’ll be able to share it more also with those who don’t yet know it! A beautiful 2015 to you, my friend!

    • As someone with intimate knowledge of how to make beautiful gestures, both in your painting and in your thoughtfulness, you do a great deal, dear Annerose! May 2015 be celebratory and delightful for you all year!

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