I Made It Myself!

Funny, isn’t it, how proud we are of things we think we have accomplished, no matter how silly and shoddy they may turn out to be. As often as not, we are the engineers of our own destruction; whether we stubbornly and hubristically fail along with our ridiculous doings and inventions or not is sometimes a matter of mere luck and circumstantial adventure.

Digital illustration from a photo: I Made It Myself

Digital illustration + text: Engineers of Folly

4 thoughts on “I Made It Myself!

  1. Yes, there is an intangible surge of happiness that finds us when we’ve managed to put an idea into motion, and an end result materializes. Even if wobbly or unsteady, it still gives us joy.

    • As evidenced in my cookery (and the unevenness of it) tonight, even the wobbly and unsteady does indeed bring its own cheering pleasures. Just the act of attempting it is worthwhile. Of course, a tad of nutrients not killed by my ham-fisted prep work should be admired as the real achievement of the occasion, but it’s New Year’s Eve, so I won’t be too critical in general. 😉 A very happy, peaceful, and blessed 2015 to you, my friend!

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