Blankety-Blank Blankness

When the mind is particularly recalcitrant and thought refuses to bubble to the surface, what am I to do? Why, curse the dis-ease just a little, and then put my brainlessness to work at doing the Nothing it is so fond of doing anyway. I can hope that some sense will accidentally fall into place, but at the least, I’ll have enjoyed myself with a little ridiculous exercise of the inner sort.Photos + text: Lines Upon Lines

6 thoughts on “Blankety-Blank Blankness

  1. very cute, and fun, and oh, so clever
    (although writer’s block is anything but)

    especially loved this part:
    without the aid of hand and brain
    the page stays pristine white

    • Writer’s block gets the better of most of us at one time or another, and some of us pretty often! One of the surprisingly good things about enforcing a daily posting regime for me has been that it tacitly gives me permission to let go of the less fantastic work and just accept it all as part of my practice. And at the same time, I’m sometimes pleasantly shocked to discover that a bit I thought negligible or even kind of poorly done can resonate for someone else and it might open up good and interesting conversations. A fine reminder, if nothing else, that we never know what of our thoughts and deeds will have an effect on others, any more than when another person’s will have significance for us ourselves. You can be assured, for my part, that you’ve had a very positive and welcome effect on me since we came into contact, and I thank you for it.

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