My subject in today’s poem is identified as a woman, but mainly because the pronoun ‘her’ fit the text that was already emerging in the sonnet. In my heart, the subject is meant to honor all of my friends and acquaintances [regardless of persuasion] who have battled, or are still battling, their way up from the abysses of fear, anxiety, depression, abuse, or any form of personal darkness, whether inwardly generated or externally imposed. What you have done, and are doing, is powerful. What you can do may be more than you, or I, or anyone can possibly yet imagine. Continue your journeys upward, my friends. Sing from the branches of the Tree of Life for a change. Newness can be a beautiful thing!

From Her Grave

Arising from the heart of silent night,

the poignant voice of one whose singular

accomp’niment was always, only, her

own shadow, takes the unaccustomed flight—

Ascending, she now meets the morning sun

and hears at last a sound she’d never heard;

the brilliant singing of a splendid bird,

a song that chases shadows, ev’ry one—

And hers, along with all the shadows, flies;

now wakened, she is free to wholly shed

her residence in shade among the dead

and fly up, singing gladly, to the skies—

So freed, she dares to trust her new-fledged wing

to raise up others from their dark to sing.Digital illustration: Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life

A happy, healthy and hopeful New Year to everyone!

20 thoughts on “Revival

  1. This is so beautiful. I suffered from acute anxiety up until the age of 40. At that time a miracle occurred for me, and the anxiety was removed….allowing me to move forward in my life and to ‘sing gladly to the skies’.
    Thank you dear Katherine, and may your day be a beautiful one. Janet:)xxx

    • Just knowing you has given me more reasons and inspirations for beautiful days and singing than ever. Thank you, my dear Janet. May we both continue to see more light as we go along and, in turn, share it further as well. You are a gift.


  2. Oh I loved this so much Kathryn! A wonderful, strong, the most sensitive poem I’ve ever experienced so close from a poet! Congratulations 🙂
    And a very happy new year to you with love xxx

  3. Beautiful words Kathryn. I’m sure we have all suffered those dark times in some form or other; I know I have. Let us hope we can all help each other to keep singing. Happy New Year to you and yours from me and mine 😄 xx

    • Christine, I hope you know how much a part of my angelic choir you have become since we’ve met! Courage, blessings, and joy be yours in the year to come as well. 🙂


    • And I thank *you* for joining me here. Your work is a great new addition in this new year to my arsenal of best weapons against sorrow or dissatisfaction: each visit to your art lifts me up higher. Thank you!

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