Metallic Melange

As a shiny-object addict, I inevitably crave making artworks with shiny parts from time to time. It’s one of the reasons I started making found-object sculptures so many years ago: a way to make use of my stash of sparkly, quirky, and metallic Junk bits that I still spy and pick up on my walks out of that compulsion. No surprise that I would, in turn, be cheered by others’ fascination with the multitudinous curios and clockworks so embedded in the likes of Steampunk and Sci-Fi, Industrial interior styling, Grunge and Goth, and Cabinet of Curiosities interests.
Mixed media artwork: A Sort of a Wreath

So here’s one of my latest concoctions, a wall sculpture that plays on all of those themes. It means nothing at all, or perhaps, everything, depending upon your preferences and whimsies. I like to think of it as evoking a variety of hints and hyperbole, of the histories, mysteries, and fantastical foolishness that both underly and defy nature and invention. In that sense, I suppose it might be considered a reasonable facsimile of the contents of my cranium. All of you amateur psychiatrists out there, have at it. If you dare.

22 thoughts on “Metallic Melange

    • I suppose to make it fully complete, I should figure out how to make it actually operational, though what such a whiz-bang conglomeration should do that’s of the remotest use I can’t say!

      I *did* once build a mannequin with a steamer-trunk torso full of “internal organs” that were electric moving parts (her heart, for example, was an old electric hand mixer) and blinking lights, and a ticker-tape that came out of her mouth spewing existential commentary—but not only is she long since parted out at the great recycling plant that is my studio (some parts having gone through multiple iterations since), she would be mighty old-school by today’s robotic standards. Which obsolescence was the point, of course, but still…. 😉

    • Many of us artists are obsessed with ‘findings’ of one sort or another, it seems! It’s particularly helpful to me if I can justify my obsession by actually finding a place for the stuff in my work. 😀

    • What I should probably do is get a whole bunch of different people to interpret the story in their own ways, a variation perhaps on your current collaborative projects! Idea forming….

      Thanks, Anna!!


  1. I have missed your posts dear Kath. I do hope I haven’t missed out on too much while I was enjoying time with Pete while he was home for a long while. It was heaven but now back to “normal”.
    Have a beautiful day my dear friend.
    🙂 Mandy xoxoxo

    • There is no substitute for time spent with one’s sweetheart!!! I’ve been reveling in having Richard “back” since his interim as church choirmaster/admin ended with December and he’s back to having One job. 😀 So lovely that you had a bit of time with Pete, too!!

      My day, of course, is instantly more beautiful for having had a visit from you. Hope your week is superb, my sweet Mandy!
      ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. A shame that Christmas is over, it would have been a beautiful addition to your decorations. I do find the frog’s (?) leg a wee bit disconcerting however!
    Christine xx

    • Not to worry: the leg is attached to a whole tiny dragon. A “convertible lizard” of my own embellishment—he’s just nestled into the work so you can only catch little glimpses of him in his nest at a time. Much easier to spot in person, and he doesn’t bite at all; he’s a friendly dragon. In fact, he might like a good belly rub followed by a nap, curled up with Patches. 😉

  3. Much relieved that the leg is attached! Lizards, frogs, toads I like them all when they’re whole! Don’t know whether Patches would share a belly rub though!!

    • Thanks! I’ve got another wreath-based piece or two still in the works, but over a long period of off-and-on between other projects, so who knows when I’ll get them finished!

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