Metallic Melange

As a shiny-object addict, I inevitably crave making artworks with shiny parts from time to time. It’s one of the reasons I started making found-object sculptures so many years ago: a way to make use of my stash of sparkly, quirky, and metallic Junk bits that I still spy and pick up on my walks out of that compulsion. No surprise that I would, in turn, be cheered by others’ fascination with the multitudinous curios and clockworks so embedded in the likes of Steampunk and Sci-Fi, Industrial interior styling, Grunge and Goth, and Cabinet of Curiosities interests.
Mixed media artwork: A Sort of a Wreath

So here’s one of my latest concoctions, a wall sculpture that plays on all of those themes. It means nothing at all, or perhaps, everything, depending upon your preferences and whimsies. I like to think of it as evoking a variety of hints and hyperbole, of the histories, mysteries, and fantastical foolishness that both underly and defy nature and invention. In that sense, I suppose it might be considered a reasonable facsimile of the contents of my cranium. All of you amateur psychiatrists out there, have at it. If you dare.