A Place Full of Love

Photo: Timeless ITimeless I

Great friendship leads to kindling of a kind

Unknown to lovers who have never spent

Nights they devoted purely to content

Intimate intercourse strictly of mind—

Love is expansion, at its best, of souls’

Learned connectivity in friendship first,

And then the cultivating of the thirst,

Pursuing stronger wine, and then the coals—

Embers long banked as friendship had begun—

Light into fire new brilliance from a spark

Lifting great stars from the eternal dark,

Exquisite as a newly blazing sun—

Rich is the love that from such friendship springs,

Kisses of wine—and of more stellar things.Photo: Timeless II

Timeless II

In morning light, the palest leafy shade

Of birches’ green is cast upon the wall

Where portraits hang, ancestral friends who all

Keep silent watch on what the years have made

Of their descendants and their memories;

The secretary, small and staunch, remains,

And in its graceful curving shape contains

What documents can speak these histories;

Oft, in this room, the whisper of that sense

Of timeless care embracing present love

Reaches so gently from its great remove

That love fills up the room itself, immense.

When I am here, I know love so begun

Will flourish to the final setting sun.Photo: Timeless III

11 thoughts on “A Place Full of Love

    • Isn’t it lovely! It’s a work by the late Prince Eugen of Sweden, hanging in his summer place in Stockholm, which is nowadays one of the most delightful small art museums I know anywhere. A marvelous, airy, light-filled and elegant preserved royal home where they exhibit permanent collection pieces by the prince and his circle of artist comrades, and some of the chambers are dedicated to small but fantastic exhibitions of other (often contemporary) artworks. Oh, and there’s a wonderful cafe there, too! http://www.waldemarsudde.se

    • I imagine you know exactly where these were taken, too! 😀 Sunday was as sunny here as the days in those photos—amazingly springlike for February, which was nice since we attended a wedding in the morning and a recital in the evening and had a lot of driving between the two. 😉

    • Thanks. The acrostic poem is dedicated to a very dear friend whose love has made us Family over the years and who now, nearing her very youthful 80th year, has found a new true-love in a longtime friend of hers as well. Such a joy! (And the last photo is the view from her Stockholm apartment that she makes *our* home when we get over there.)

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