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I’ll leave it to others, preferably sometime after I’m dead and even less likely to be concerned about it that I am now, to determine whether I’m a real artist or writer. No doubt there are, and will be, many who are dubious that I am a real person, for that matter. But it’s of little consequence, as long as I believe I exist. There’s room enough in my delusion for a number of delightful companions, and as long as I am happy in my imaginary world, all is well. But I will stake a small claim that, whether as a real artist or writer or a mere fantasist, I’ve been making art and writing stuff for as long as I can remember.
Photo: Portfolio 1

I think it unlikely that much of either kind of output will ever be considered especially valuable by others. I don’t flatter myself so far as to think that a large quantity of my work in visual or verbal invention is more than a passing amusement even to me, so there’s no reason to believe that the rest of the viewing and reading world will be so moved by my thrilling creations as to consider it important. And I don’t worry about that.

After all, I am as ephemeral as all persons of the human persuasion are, and thus unlikely to be troubled by anything lasting after I’m dead. I’m not one to concern myself with my epitaph (although I’ve written dozens of silly couplets and quatrains that would more than suffice in summing me up for a headstone, so that’s taken care of already if it worries you) or my legacy. The latter, I hope, will be to not have left too much of a mark on the world when I’m gone, but rather have trod on it fairly lightly, as these things go.

But because I am alive in an era when a veteran introvert like me can now also easily ‘go public’ without the great anxiety-production that comes from real world interaction with other humanoids, and in order to keep myself motivated to enjoy my practice of art and writing as much and as long as I can, why then: I am; therefore, I blog. Inevitably, others will feel it incumbent upon them to critique. Thankfully, the most succinct and practical form of critique in the digital age is first, to ignore, and then, Delete. So if anyone finds my work offensive or ugly, or just plain tedious and tiresome, their best defense of their tender eyebulbs and precious time is to run away from my website and never darken its portals again. I take the grand liberty of assuming that anyone who comes here does so unforced, and is free to go galumphing off in a cloud of huffiness when and if that suits them, and has therefore no cause to chastise me with wasting their life-energy here.

Photo: Portfolio 2

Meanwhile, having this platform for self-training and/or self-amusement, I go on producing new posts, new drawings and photos and poems and fictions and musings and digital collages daily and to my heart’s content.

But I consider that my portfolio is more than just a blog. It’s more than all of the art and writing and publications and stashed-away unshared works of my lifetime thus far and to the end of my days, whenever that will be. My true portfolio is all of the inspirations and ideas and inventions from the alpha to the omega of my lifespan, plus every experience and dream, study and accident, fear and hope and longing that led to those works of my brain and hands. And most of all, it is the collected community of friends, teachers, icons, playmates, correspondents, counselors, and loved ones who have moved, and continue to move, me to pour out this satchel of tricks and treats by which I will leave what little mark I do make upon the universe before I go.

10 thoughts on “My Portfolio

    • Yes indeed, I am so much the richer for having met you, something I surely never would have done without the blogging adventure bringing us together. Your artwork will *never* “mean nothing”!!! It’s magnificent on its own, truly wonderful as a technical *and* aesthetic body of work, but all the more so because it inspires and gives life to so many of us with whom you’ve shared it. The synergy of that sharing means that you *and* your art will live on in the hearts and minds of many people you might never meet face to face but who have been graced with your warmth and your art’s beauty in so many meaningful ways you can’t even imagine.

  1. My darling Kath, you are a wonderful inspiration and I am in awe of your art, writing and honesty. Knowing you through your sharing, I am honoured to call you friend.
    Have a beautiful love filled happy day.
    🙂 Mandy xoxoxo

    • Mandy, getting to call you a dear friend is one of *my* life’s great joys, too! I am equally moved by your wonderful sharing as a photographer, traveler, food artist, animal lover, and life adventurer through your beautiful posts. I’m all the more thrilled to have gotten to connect at the heart level with such a generous spirit and uplifting person as you. Much love!

  2. Good morning dear Kathryn,
    I look forward so much to your posts, for the expressive and beautifully composed text and your wonderful art work…love it.
    Oh and let’s not forget the food:)

    I feel that we are like minded travellers through life, brought together by this amazing platform, called blogging.

    Wishing you a day filled with creativity and joy. Janet. xxx

    • The very same to you, dear Janet! Your presence in my life has been an unexpected spark of inspiration, shared passions and ideas, and sweet companionship that I treasure greatly. Every time I get to pause at your blog, whether I comment or not, I feel as if I’ve walked through your magical studio and wandered in the garden with you, hummingbirds flitting around my head and cats winding around my ankles, and I am renewed by it!

      May your week be graceful and lyrical, my lovely!

  3. I can’t remember exactly when I first encountered you in the blog world, but it’s been a while back, (perhaps the gaia blogging platform?), and even though I think we lost one another a time or two, we’ve managed to reconnect somehow or another. Traveling in some of the same blog circles, or something of that sort.

    My guess is that I was initially drawn to your writing, and then began to develop a true appreciation for your varied and complex selection of artwork, whether it be collage, sketch, limerick, poetry, photography, or one of the myriad of drawings and designs you create … and then, of course, the Foodie Tuesdays (that don’t necessarily always fall on a Tuesday, which delights me to no end). I love order and precision, but truly appreciate a touch of chaos every now and again to keep things interesting. You deliver on all fronts.

    I love the way your creative spirit moves in all sorts of directions, sometimes floating softly in one direction, or zigging and zagging with lightning speed to and fro in completely opposite directions, and sometimes, when least expected, it becomes somber or timid, or lyrical, or ridiculously funny. Your portfolio is diverse and colorful, except when it intentionally becomes stark or colorless. Always interesting, and always appreciated.

    I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion that I’m a fan, so you know that already. And that I’m prone to click on your work and examine it more closely, finding pleasure in the small details. But one thing you probably don’t know is that I count you among my treasures. You see, in this blog world we’ve come to inhabit, I’ve unintentionally ended up collecting a rather varied group of folks as my favored visiting places. Ranging from one end of the globe to another, each of them have some sort of artistry as their calling card, and you, obviously, rise to the very top of the pile, as you offer an entire vocabulary of artistic expression, all in one tidy blog space. A virtual cornucopia of surprises, churned out with regularity, inspiring all who find your blog space.

    It seems as if the word “portfolio” doesn’t even begin to expand wide enough to encompass the variety and volume of your work, but I suppose if we were to add “infinite” to the moniker, then we might come close to offering a realistic descriptor. I therefore dub your collective works as infinie portefeuille, subject to no limitations, until such time as your physical body leaves this world. And who knows? Perhaps when you’ve crossed from one world to the next, you’ll discover the ability to continue your art work indefinitely, for all of eternity, coloring inside and outside the lines forever, leaving behind a trail of inspired creations. A true infinie portefeuille.

    • I’m still quite dumbstruck by this beautiful, generous letter of yours. I’ve read it over and over, often with tears of gratitude in my eyes, and always with admiration for your incredible way with words that move me endlessly. I wanted to reply sooner, and better, but am overwhelmed with your kindness. For now, know that the admiration is mutual, the affection genuine, and the gladness for a connection through this oddly accessible yet intensely personal medium where I can meet “cyber pen-pals” that, in these rarest of instances, turn out to be with people who really, deeply *mean* something to me. Your presence in my life has been a marvelous, treasured gift. Bless your heart, always.


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