Flea, Fly, Flew

I am not bugged by insects as much as many other people seem to be, but there are limits to my tolerance. I do not enjoy, for example, finding them taking blood samples from any portion of my anatomy without a doctor’s referral, nor do I appreciate having any of them buzz around my head with the persistence of a news helicopter hovering over a celebrity wedding site. But they can be intriguing looking characters, and the majority of them most certainly seem to lead fascinating lives, among their many and varied species, so as long as I can study them from a safe distance I am happy to either learn about them or merely continue my childish and fantastical speculations whenever the mood strikes.Drawing + text: Flea, Fly, Flew

2 thoughts on “Flea, Fly, Flew

    • So pleased you found the good Doctor lurking in among the thrips! Just had our pest sprayer friend come over for a preemptive strike indoors, so I hope the hippity-hopping will be restricted to an outdoor activity for another quarter year. 😀

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