For Love or Money

I don’t imagine I need to tell you that marrying anyone for the sake of his or her fortune (or for any other vain, shallow thing that offers no promise of compatibility) is far less likely to lead to a successful union than choosing a life partner for love’s sake. Yet it still appears to happen remarkably often, this rather forlorn hope that being financially impressive will be enough to overcome any other sorts of objectionable shortcomings. Far nicer, I think, to choose shared values, friendly companionship, mutual attraction, and the numerous other commonalities that can make real love bloom and grow.

On Valentine’s Day, as on any other day of the year, I am deeply grateful and outlandishly delighted that I found the person I can happily wander off with, hand-in-hand, toward our mutually appointed sunset, no matter what turns our fortunes will take along the way. We each have the advantage, as well, of being married to an artist, so there’s definitely no danger of either of us having married for the other’s massive bank account or hovering around hoping the other kicks the bucket soon so we can inherit untold millions. We’re just comfortably stuck with loving each other for the sake of love. Hurray!

Digital illo + text: Numismatic Nuptial

15 thoughts on “For Love or Money

    • Thank you, my sweet! It was a lovely, sunny day in Texas, too, which was a great gift since we had about 5 hours of driving to do to come home from the conference that day. 🙂

  1. I married for love this time. Heaven forbid there is a next time, but if there is, it will have to be for money!
    [ ie.. I couldn’t find another love. .]

  2. Well said Kathryn, I’m in complete agreement! As an aside to your wee poem, before we moved to the Isle of Skye, we spent the first twenty-plus years of our marriage in a town called Ramsbottom!!! (A.K.A. locally as ‘Tup’s Arse’!)

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