Some Affections Take More Effort than Others

The artificial construct of American Valentine’s Day is a wonderful economic boost and boon for those who manage to take full advantage of the opportunity. And it’s not terrible, by any means, to feel a nudge toward wearing my heart on my sleeve a little more boldly and publicly than usual on occasion. But isn’t it also marvelous to be romantic and loving just because one really does feel kindly toward and admiring of another person? To do so not merely on one predetermined day of the year but any old time, and without requiring mass popular pressure to ensure that the signs of affection meet commercial standards, but rather, simply, that they please one’s beloved as a token of genuine affection?

Yes, I do still think it’s charming and admirable if part of what I feel moved to do is to shower particular tokens of tenderness and love on the object of my affections by treating her or him to a day of delirious delights smack dab on the aforementioned Official day of love and romance, along with any and all of the other days. Have at it! There is absolutely nothing wrong with honestly effusive compliments, dizzyingly gorgeous chocolates, fresh flowers, and champagne, if you ask me. Feel free to send them my way.

Graphite drawing + text: Heartless

8 thoughts on “Some Affections Take More Effort than Others

    • I got a Kazillion hugs from friends and spouse alike, and that is worth all kinds of dollars, choccies, flora, and champers. 😀 Oh, and we had a delicious BBQ lunch in the self-described “BBQ Capital of Texas” and a taste of chocolate from a famous bakery/sweet shop in another town on the way home from a big conference, which is a pretty good substitute combination for traditional Valentine’s Day fare if you ask me. 😉

  1. 9 or 10 Kazillion dollars, a car, a diamond watch, a yatch…Is that all? You are SO easy to please…*giggle* 😀
    Hope you get all of that and plus, buckets and buckets of love.
    Happy Valentine’s Day, dear Kathryn! ❤

    • My sweet, I am always surrounded by love, and that’s what makes silly jokes about it possible. 😀 No worries there!!! Hope you’ve had a grand Valentine’s Day with your darlings, too. ❤

  2. So that’s it. I will come after you with a shoe if you don’t write and illustrate children’s books this year. I know, had better be the simplest, ugliest shoe or you’ll snatch it and draw it and sit on the paper and drive me madder insisting on not sharing it with the world.

    • (((Working, working, working, scratching away surreptitiously, looking over my shoulder for delightful madwoman with shoe approaching, scribbling, scrabbling, working some more…)))

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