Ride Like the Wind, Even When Stationary

Photo: Deep-Seated FearsI’m told that once one learns to ride a bicycle, the innate sense of balance and knowhow to do so is easily reawakened after a long interval, the moment one gets back on the thing. Which, if it proves true, will be a boon to me after all of these years of not even owning such a contraption. Though that’s not entirely true; I merely own one that travels only in my interior world—an exercise bike.

This could be considered a concession to the oft-overheated world of Texas, where I find it hard to get motivated enough to stroll from the front door to the mailbox on a typical summer’s day let alone do something as strenuous as pedaling at speed on a bicycle. It could be considered a mere kindness to all who would rather not see me teetering on the brink of disaster no matter what my speed, let alone have to try to navigate safely around me. It could even be considered a cheapskate solution to the expense of bikes nowadays relative to what I remember paying for my first grownup sort of bike.Photo: A Whole Rack of Bikes

The latter, however, is quickly canceled out when you know how much indoor, stationary bikes for exercising personages really cost. They’re just as outrageous in price as any that can tootle down the roads. At least, this one was. But the big difference in price is in the personal health, safety, and well-being of this particular rider and all who are freed from the dangers of surviving my biking skills should I hit the actual pavement. I am not in danger of heat stroke on this baby, since it sits in the bedroom not far from the convenient ceiling fan, should I go so far as to break a sweat or simply fall into an unwelcome hot flash mid-ride. It stays upright, no matter whether I am properly centered on the seat or pedaling evenly enough or paying reasonable attention to the terrain, or not. In fact, I can lean back on its amply cushioned recumbent seat with my iPad or laptop propped on my midsection, reading articles and watching video and blithely ignoring anything to do with my steadily cycling feet without any fear of riding off a cliff or into a vortex-like pothole.

And nobody will ever have to see me in bicycle shorts. Period. You can thank me now.

Do I miss real bicycle riding? I can’t say that I do. When and if I live in a climate where I feel comfortable mounting up on one of the real-thing bikes again for a genuine outdoor ride, I will likely enjoy the change of scenery enough (barring any strenuous terrain, because I am a lazy cuss) to make it worth my while. Until then, I’m quite content to pedal furiously, or as leisurely and gently as I like, around the confines of a square meter or so of my own bedroom, ogling digital scenery or perhaps, if the bird feeder is freshly filled, a few wrens, cardinals, and chickadees whose chatter is probably about the crazy bicycling lady on the other side of the window who is obviously so feeble that she’ll never catch up with them.Photo: Red Bicycle No. 2

8 thoughts on “Ride Like the Wind, Even When Stationary

  1. You are right to say that climate has a great deal to do with the art of bicycle riding…..which is why we see zillions of bikes in Holland, UK, other parts of Scandinavia, etc….in other words where its cooler:)

    I used to love getting on my three gear bicycle and now can imagine those days in my dreams…..which is just about right:)x

    • I just made an adjustment that’s pleasing me greatly, which was to move our exercise bicycle into the room where we read and watch TV, so I can enjoy a movie or show while pedaling, taking the edge off any *guilty* pleasure worries. 😉

  2. Sounds like my kind of bike too. I’ve got one of those cross-trainer things, where you sort of walk and ski at the same time.
    Not a week goes by when I don’t think of using it. After all, it is said it’s the thought that counts. 😀

  3. I have a bike; a nice pink one. We don’t have a great relationship as I’m not a natural at anything remotely sporty. However, I do occasionally get an urge to tootle up or down the glen, only to find that the tyres have gone flat and by the time I’ve pumped them up, the urge has upped and gone!

    • But think of all the upper body workout that you got from the bicycle pump! Few get that kind of benefit from mere cycling, you know. Pink. *That* is a good bike color. 🙂 Trust me, when it comes to being non-athletic, I could give you a real run for your money, but then that would be too much like exercise, too. 😀

      Gosh, just thinking about it has worn me out completely….


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