Chaos is the Order of the Day

Whenever I think I’m finding my balance, getting the hang of things, or otherwise making rational sense of my life, something happens to remind me that in my reality, these things are impossibilities. And probably unnecessary anyhow. The longer I look at anything, the more its illogical qualities emerge; the more illogical and foolish the world appears to me, the more at home I feel in it. Go figure. Graphite drwg + text: First the Egg, Then the Toast

6 thoughts on “Chaos is the Order of the Day

    • I hope it’s for positive reasons and not because you are longing for him to show up and put my paltry stuff in its place with a few well-aimed thrusts of his rapier wit. 😉

  1. Something very illogical, and yet rhythmic, about a pendulum and an egg … that’s one of the things I like about art; you don’t have to explain WHY something appeals to you, you just get to enjoy it, and take all the time you want to absorb every nuance

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