If Words are Food for Thought, Writers should Always Play with Their Food

Writing, like most other creative problem-solving processes, can sometimes best coalesce into sense out of utter nonsense. Untrammeled play is often the precursor to productive work, and if it remains unproductive, there will be less cursing afterward anyway. If you know what I mean, and since you’re hanging around here I can only assume that you, too, understand the importance of letting your silly side out for regular exercise.

So today, no more from me than a hearty helping of hooey. How shall I refine the ridiculous on this occasion? Perhaps not at all. Maybe I’ll just throw it on the table and let you decide what’s worth a nibble or a nosh, for once. Play on, pals.

Noises On

Bye bike bicycle
Far farce farcical
Pop plop Popsicle
Drip drop dropsical
Miracle spherical
Fanatical dramatical
Hysterical historical
Oracle Coracle Rhetorical
Trickle mickle pickle tickle fickle nickel prickle
Hackle spackle cackle grackle tackle
Chuck chuckle chuckling Buck buckle buckling Suck suckle suckling

Duck…Duckle? Duckling…

Oh, F…I mean, Yuck.

Definitive Thoughts

Aberration [/ˌæb.’bɛər.ˈreɪ.ʃ(ə)n/ noun]: the odd ursine meal.

Harbinger [/ˈhɑːr.bɪndʒ-ɜːr/ noun]: one who chortles incontinently.

Jasmine Tea [/’dʒæz.men.ˌtiː/ noun]: Thelonious and Tatum play golf.

Protuberance [/prə.ˈtuː.bər.əns/ noun]: in favor of liquid-cleaning one’s brass instrument.

Rapscallion [/ræp.ˈskæl.i.ən/ noun]: green onion that induces stream-of-consciousness chanting.

Raisin Bread [/ˈreɪ.z.ˌɪnˈbred/ noun]: what’s the matter with cousinbrother Raymond.

Saline [/ˈseɪ.lɪŋ/ verb]: what square-riggers do over the bounding main.

Scalawag [/ˈskæl.ɪ.wæɡ/ noun]: opera house humorist.

Digital illo: Psychedelic Food for ThoughtWhat, you wanted sense? Why’d you come here, then?

13 thoughts on “If Words are Food for Thought, Writers should Always Play with Their Food

    • Nonsense, my dear! If I had the tiniest part of second-language skill you have I would think myself a superstar. By this reasoning, you *ought* to be an extremely large woman indeed…what you have done is *internalize* the expanse. Like so many places in the best mythology, your world is simply larger on the inside than on the outside! 🙂

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