Pity Me If You Will, but I’ll Admit…

…I’d rather you throw money.

What, you think because I feel lousy I’ve become less crass and ridiculous? Mais, non! When I’m sidelined by big mean germs and have little strength left in my flimsy carcase, never mind my moral center (if any), what is there to keep me occupied and involved in life besides celebrating those last shreds of my identity that haven’t yet slipped fully out of my grasp? And I’m feeling a little extra bumptious tonight because it’s been a long week and I feel kind of worse tonight than I had in the last three days or so. Apparently, behaving myself and finally going to the doctor and getting started on treatment for the colorful mashup of strep, cold, and allergies that converged on me doesn’t make me feel all shiny and new in a couple of mere hours. What?! I don’t get tough customer bonus points for being stubborn, and a sentence reduction for time served, and stuff like that? Or at least a piece of candy from the nurse at the desk?

Yeah, yeah. I have it so much easier than so many, it’s not even funny, and I know it. But it won’t stop my whinging, wringing my hands as much as my handkerchiefs, and singing elegies of self-pity. You knew it wouldn’t. The world is suffering genuine trials and disasters and I just curl up in my little coracle as it drifts and caroms off the craggy banks of the Slough of Despond as though I were a little pinball of perfect sorrow.

But really, there is room in here with me for a couple of bags of soothing cash.

No? Ah, well. See you when I drift back into port. End of transmission. Over and out.Photo: Defying Logic

12 thoughts on “Pity Me If You Will, but I’ll Admit…

    • I’m glad you got a smile out of my goofiness. I’m smiling better by now, too, thanks to many kind wishes and a few good antibiotics. 🙂 See? Onward and upward! 😀

  1. Oh my dearest Kath, I am so sorry you are still battling with the dreaded germs. I would be over in a heartbeat to make you tea and soup and draw the curtains so you can take a nice healing nap.
    Feel better friend, I am sending healing thoughts your way.,
    🙂 Mandy xoxoxo

    • Just knowing you have sent such lovely care my way makes all the difference. Well, that and a batch of Amoxycillin. 😉 I know ‘they’ always say not to mix medications, but I’d sure appreciate if my body hadn’t gone and mixed diseases in the first place! Ha. But I’m feeling much better this week. Hurray!
      Love and hugs to you, and I hope you have a beautiful weekend ahead!

      • Kath, that’s the same as “them” saying not to have a glass of wine with your medication. Hee hee.
        My Pete home today for a while so I am a very happy girl.
        SO pleased you are on the mend. xoxoxo

  2. Double portions of word sleuthing. Had to look up bumptious, because I was sure you made the word up to suit your fancy, (but nope, it’s a real word). And coracle was one I thought I knew, but wasn’t certain, so I just had to go see to confirm my suspicions. Love finding new words.

    I do hope you are feeling better these days, and that those miracle elixirs are doing their part to urge you back to a healthier state of being. Feel better! 🙂

    • Thanks, the elixirs are doing their work. Gotta go and have the ol’ follow up appt next week and be sure that all of the various bugs are getting bumped off equally. Trust me to get several overlapping cases of the creeping crud. At least I don’t get sick often!! And I plan to not get sick again now for a veryveryvery long time, if possible. Hear that, Universe???!

      I’m glad you enjoyed a bumptious ride in my coracle. 😀 Words are so yummy!

    • You reminded me of when I was working at a place where co-workers’ refrigerator raids were an endless threat to my well being and sanity—and nutritional needs—until I found a nice [opaque] biological-hazmat waste disposal bag and kept my lunch in it. 😀

      Feeling ever so much better this week, thank you!

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