Always Wear Clean Ones in Case of an Accident

Photo: Ghost in the Machine 1Ghost in the [Washing] Machine

While rushing through the underbrush in rustling underwear,

Ermina realized she’d run from Things that Were Not There—

She paused to contemplate with rue what might appear insane—

By when her sense returned in full, They’d captured her again.

The moral of this story, if there is one to be had,

Is: when you feel Things closing in, at least you can be glad,

No matter if They’re real or not, or if you’re caught anon,

At least to be returned to sense with underpants still on.Photo: Ghost in the Machine 2

15 thoughts on “Always Wear Clean Ones in Case of an Accident

    • A much better new week than the whole last one, thank goodness! It was silly of me to avoid going to the doctor for so long, but I’m glad I finally did it and am now seeing the real benefits! Hope you have a lovely end of the week, dear Anna, and a beautiful weekend ahead!!

      • kathryn, I do hope all is well with you now!
        Have a wonderful weekend!
        it seems as if spring is finally here- and I will try to work on my Little balcony- work with my plants and seeds! So i hope that the nice sunny weather is here to stay!

        • Feeling much better, thank you! The weekend is racing away at top speed, but the sun is shining today and I got to see some beautiful Texas longhorns grazing by the road, so it all made my mood much better as well. 😉 The new growth of spring is so welcome in both the plants and seeds and the other living things like that sweet longhorn calf that I saw with its mother. 😀

    • Thank you, my darling, I’m glad you got a kick out of it. If I can’t have both a pure heart and clean undershorts, at least I’ll try for one of the two. 😉

  1. Glad to hear your night musings include intact underpants. Very important. No matter what else is happening, at least you can rest assured when awakening to intact underpants. Sigh of relief.

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