A Moment of Silence for…

…its own sake. Yes, because despite the huge number of worthy causes these days for which we’re encouraged to meditate for a mere moment, there are few causes more worthy than the good health and well-being that a brief pause for meditation in peaceful silence can help renew in any of us. There is so much need for our attention and efforts to be devoted, and in far larger and more frequent doses than an occasional moment of silence, to vast numbers of those worthy causes.Photo: Hermana's Hideaway

But nobody is fully prepared and equipped for even the least significant observation of those more meaningful causes’ pauses unless we permit ourselves, yes, even require ourselves, to rest and restore our own spirits. Part of my renewal and joy comes, to be sure, from surrounding myself with wonderful people just as I am able to do here. And another, very important, part comes from being able to step back, to lie low for just a little bit, and to be very, very glad that there’s room and time and silence available for me to bask in and be better able to cherish and rejoice in your good company. And to think about what little I can attempt to accomplish before the next such little escape.Photo: Secretive

8 thoughts on “A Moment of Silence for…

  1. Funny, but this one hit home in exactly the right way today. I had intended for this weekend to be a quiet and low-key sort of retreat into silence, but unexpectedly, this other thing cropped up, and I spent the last two days buried in paperwork, with constant negotiations back and forth. When you crave silence, and get bombarded with activity and details instead, your body has a way of letting you know that it needs some down time. Hoping today might be a quieter version. 🙂

    • Isn’t it astounding how insistent busyness is in our lives! Even those who are best at meditating or finding their space and time to just Be sometimes have to remove themselves from all of the normal parts of their existence just to get enough oxygen and emptiness to refill their tanks. I hope you can find yours when you need it! 🙂

    • It’s not as easily done as many people would hope or even believe. Tolkien surely knew better than most that the only escape for a POW might often be into the imagination, too. I am certainly grateful for that ‘inner space’ of fantasy, where in some times and places I find the only possible respite.

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