Big Hairy Deal

It’s bad enough to have a monkey on your back, but when it keeps returning, that’s another sort of trouble. I’d call it a Boomerang-utan.Digital illo from a photo: Boomerang-utan

I don’t know how chronically ill people manage to keep their sanity, but I know that many do. I am far too wimpy and impatient and irritable to imagine just how I would do such a thing. Having had something I suspect is like an underlying infection this winter that meant that instead of the typical one-or-none quantity of winter colds I ended up with three or four successively worse ones, ending (I hope!) in the latest one that arose from my strep throat and morphed through a head cold on into intensified allergies that I had not even known I had, I got a teeny, tiny taste of the miniature germ-monster version of chronic disease. Every time I thought I’d knocked the junk out of my system for good, wham! It reemerged.

Unlike more saintly persons’, my reaction was to become just that much more irritable and old-lady-ish and self-absorbed than usual. Yikes. If any good can be said to have arisen from the adventure, it is that I had some quality time to focus (as much as I was able to do any such thing) on some thoughts that have been lurking in my mind quite a bit lately about health, aging, and the health care systems of this country and others as they relate to an ever-growing and ever-aging world population. Far from solving the problems of generations past, we seem to be expanding upon them and adding to them exponentially while not devoting anything like a proportionate quantity of attention to improving our use of limited resources in caring for our selves, let alone for the world community.

It’s nothing to monkey around with, I assure you. But all wise-cracking aside, I will share some few of these thoughts further with you in a near future post or two. Meanwhile, I am virtually swinging from the trees with happiness at having emerged relatively unscathed and, I sincerely hope, freed from the ongoing attentions of any neck-hanging apes of the illness-related kind as I move onward again. May more people the world over have such good fortune.

11 thoughts on “Big Hairy Deal

  1. I do hope it really has finally let go of your immune system, and all the germies and such give you a break. Glad to hear you’re feeling a bit better now. It’s tough being perpetually ANYTHING, including sick. 🙂

    • Thank you, my dear. I think I’ve finally kicked the strep and cold junk, thanks to a combination of time and home remedies and a second round of antibiotics (thank goodness I very rarely require those!). Working on the whole re-balancing act of straightening out my thyroid, allergies, and whatever else messed with my immune system so unusually. I still know that I have it EASY compared to what many others go through, one way or another. 😉 🙂 😀

  2. Kathryn, I hope you have finally chucked those bugs; they make us feel rotten. As for the chronically ill, of whom I am one, I wasn’t sane to begin with so I have no chance! 😄. However among the insanity we just have to get on with it. If we don’t we will surely sink. I’ve never been a good swimmer but I’m giving it all I’ve got these days. And on the bright side, I have met some wonderful people who I probably would never have encountered otherwise, one of whom will be featured in my next blog post 😊 xx

    • Darling, you know I wouldn’t’ve found your company so compelling if you were too sane! I do, however, consider you an excellent role model for being honest about when it’s hard to be patient with yourself or others, when it’s just plain a genuine pain to hang in and hang on, and how much cleverness it takes to overcome the monotony and frustrations and losses. You are a champion and a heroine to me. Besides being fun and sweet and all of that other delightful stuff. 🙂
      ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. I think many people ( not all;) deal the best they can and like you, rejoice in feeling better and grateful our conditions aren’t worse. Glad you’re feeling good!

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