Full Speed Ahead—Facing Backwards?

Digital illo: Backward-ForwardJittery Janus

A slight, but real, absurdity is troubling my mind:

If something is in back of me, it’s fronting my behind—

Or is it backing up my front? It’s weakening my pride

That heads or tails I can’t make out, so coin flips must decide

Whether what’s aft is yet before, ahead or what’s astern,

Or I’m too turned around and backward-brained to ever learn

If what’s before my very eyes affronts my front or back;

Please, someone, sort it, or I think I’ll have a heart attack,

For hid behind this placid front, behind the back of me,

Yet also forward of my back, where, sadly, I can’t see,

This sad conundrum irritates and pesters me, alack,

For I’ve no way to know what’s going on behind my back.

12 thoughts on “Full Speed Ahead—Facing Backwards?

    • I had a hard time pressing Publish with such an unattractive character for my illustration, but then the clock was nagging me. And then, too, I realized that if he’d been cute or handsome he wouldn’t have better suited the silliness of the tale, so I let him run out in public just as he was. 😀

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