5 thoughts on “Midnight’s Butterfly

    • I was kind of pleased when that one hit me. I think bats are such interesting, delicate creatures, and sometimes get a bad rap from under-informed people feeling squeamish rather than noticing their grace and delicacy and slightly magical powers! Glad you liked it.

  1. Oh this I like very much! I love bats. In fact I named my french bulldog Stellaluna! They are wonderfully magical creatures not to mention they help keep the bug count down! Meaningful they are to life! Have an enchanting evening! Koko 🙂

    • I do wish some bats would decide to occupy the cedar bat house I’ve hung in my red oak tree. But I haven’t given up hope. 🙂 Glad you enjoy their delights, too. You would like my youngest nephew, who a few years ago went with his family to Austin and took the evening bat canoeing tour under the famous nesting bridge; he spotted a baby bat that had fallen in the river and couldn’t fight its way out, paddled over and fished it out gently with his oar, dried it off, and set it up on the riverbank, still alive. Hope its mama found it!

      • Awe! You are so right; I would have loved that trip. What a wonderful find for your nephew! I’m sure it made the event that much special. I was thinking of building a bat box. I see them scurrying about in the dim of the night. I hope your weekend is magical! Hugs!

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