8 thoughts on “A Philosophy of Orange

  1. Wonderful vivid display of orange here Kathryn! This brought a smile to my face as one of my grandchildren has been obsessed with the colour orange since he was about 18 months old! When he was 2 he wanted an orange tractor for his birthday cake and when he was 3 he wanted his cake to be a red bus that was orange! And most of his T shorts are orange! He seems to be venturing forth towards red now as when he was 4 he wanted a Fireman Sam cake and it had to be red! Let’s see what number 5 brings 😊 xx

    • Intriguing, the way we form these attachments. Some of us stick to them exactly, for life, and others of us find reasons to switch our allegiances at times. Your orange-aholic seems to be evolving over time. Wonder if purple will be next…. 😀

  2. I love the vibrant pictures you’ve shared. I love orange. Maybe because it’s my birthstone, or maybe because to me it’s just a happy color. Either way…I love it! 😉

    • Ah, that must mean you’re a November baby like my mother, eh? I agree: a happy color. I never thought of it before, but am suddenly wondering if the idea of orange prison jumpsuits came from meaning to increase visibility or an intent to defuse dark thinking! Maybe we should put people *outside* of prisons in orange more often and see…. 😉

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