Little Alvin Grows Up

Just having a little fun with digital drawing tools again. It’s nice to have art toys, isn’t it. I know that my latest little dragon friend wouldn’t have been hatched, let alone gone through his spotty youth and prime and grown into a fully fledged friendly monster, if I hadn’t had access to such enjoyable and versatile playthings. Little Alvin here is happy to meet all of you.Digital illo: Little Alvin 1 Digital illo: Little Alvin 2

Alvin the Artful

From the day that he was born, he has been drawn to things

That make him want to skip and jump and stretch his wavy wings;

His destiny is in the works and he’s a tool of fate

Designed to entertain, amuse, and if it’s not too late,

To educate his artist friend in how to make him change

From skinny little squiggle lines to something rich and strange,

And older dragon, more mature, more layered, nuanced, wild,

And her, the artist, to more skilled—but happy as a child.Digital illo: Little Alvin 3 Digital illo: Little Alvin 4

7 thoughts on “Little Alvin Grows Up

    • I do think Alvin is a very sociable little beastie. 😀 Hope you’re having a splendid weekend, wherever you are in your summer adventures just now! We’re just about to dash back to home and work from our time in Nova Scotia, so are savoring our last day here with an afternoon jaunt to a favored nearby scenic spot along the coast with new friends. I don’t *think* there’s any cousin of Alvin or Nessie living out there, but who knows… 😉

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