Sunlight and Shadow

Photo montage: Sun & ShadowThe last few weeks of unaccustomed rain serve as the perfect reminder, if I should need one, of how quickly change is upon us at all times and in every way. Stormy weather and lower than average temperatures notwithstanding, the volatile fluctuation between cloud and clarity, bursts of sunlight and swiftly falling curtains of darkness, wind and rain, continue to amaze me.

The visiting children in our house right now confirm in their own way that the weather is not the only source of constantly astonishing change. The three year old swings between sleepy and energetic, bored and fascinated, sober and delightedly giggling as if sprinkled with fairy dust. Her one year old sister, teething, fusses for a while in frustrated pain, not wanting to be placated—wanting relief instead—until her naturally irrepressible sunny nature wins out and she breaks into a grin like the sun bursts through those nagging, lagging clouds.

Here, the forecast has switched from yet another week of storms to one of sunshine, and that sounds welcome at the moment. But if the weather pivots suddenly again, no worries.  Sun shines more brightly in contrast to deep shadows anyhow.

13 thoughts on “Sunlight and Shadow

    • It’s been ages since I had time to reply to comments here, and lots of both sun and rain in between, but all immensely enjoyable. Hope your days have been equally joyful, my dearest! 🙂

    • So far, so good. We’re just wrapping up the last of the summer travels, Richard having finished with the conducting workshop he’s been clinician at in Halifax, and I’ll be very interested to see how our yard has fared for yet another warmish, not so rainy week now that we’re getting back to Texas temps. Hope you’re having just the right kind of weather for safety, good health, and happiness up your way!!!

  1. Yep! The only constant in this world is change. But our May here in the UK has been appalling with strong wind, rain and very below average temperatures, and so cold too! We are told it will improve next week; I shall believe it when I see/feel it 😊 xxx

    • My sweet, I do hope it’s been much kinder weather in the past couple of months. And that you’re feeling particularly well and having lots of lovely adventures, no matter *what* the weather!! 🙂

      ❤ !!!

  2. Our May has been more like June gloom and while yesterday was a tad warmer, today is going to be gray and cool again. I won’t complain though because I’ll be melting once the heat comes. Stay safe and dry, Kathryn! ♥

    • It seems that the weeks since I wrote this have been remarkably changeable and intriguing in meteorological terms pretty much everywhere, haven’t they. The more things stay the same, the more they change? 😉

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