I am of two minds so much of the time! They might both be on the minimal side, whether you’re talking quantity of Thoughts or quality, but they don’t agree with each other as often as I might like. Often enough, they’re not even on speaking terms, despite living in the same brain-pan. Sigh.

One side of me is always excited about the next big thing, the newness and adventures just around any given corner, and the other is nagging me about how unprepared I am for it. One side laughs easily, sings in the car, and opens doors just to find out where they lead, and the other is dragging her heels to stop the impulsive and ready-for-anything side from falling off cliffs or forgetting her keys. And I’ll bet you the rest of the (ostensibly) adult world has the same duality, to varying degrees.

I can’t fix it, and maybe I shouldn’t even try. After all, the ability to temper daring with reason or cheery nonchalance with logic is often useful, if not life-saving. But I can’t help wishing at times that I could just shut the Hall Monitor side up for a bit and let the wild child have free rein, leaving fear and pragmatism behind, if only for an hour or so.

Don’t you?Digital illo: Ambivalence

8 thoughts on “Ambivalence

  1. My darling Kath, your opening paragraph explains me and my two minds perfectly! We have more and more in common all the time. Lovely!
    Have a beautiful love filled happy weekend my dear.
    Love to you across the oceans.
    🙂 Mandy xoxoxo

  2. Are you talking about me, K? 🙂 So well said and boy, can I relate! But no, don’t change anything about your lovely self! We all love you just the way you are! And I wish you a wonderful weekend, too! ♥

    • I know you’re referring to the Birthday wishes post, and I can say from experience that it’s tricky indeed. It can be worthwhile—having been on the *smelly* side of the equation (Hello, Morning Breath!!!) I’ve been glad to amend it when I could. But yes, that moment when no amends can be made, short of the serendipitous joy of getting to move to another seat, preferably farther upwind, one must weigh the idea carefully. 😉 😉

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