50 Wishes for Happiness

Photo: Carry My Wishes to the StarsOn the most auspicious sixth day of June in human history, my youngest sister was born. If you don’t know what made it the most auspicious, you haven’t met my youngest sister. On this anniversary of her birth, I offer her these wishes for this and many, many birthdays yet to come. Blow on the seeds and let them carry the wishes up to the stars (I give you a milkweed rather than a dandelion, because the former are bigger and bolder, and every seed makes a new plant to feed both butterflies and even more wishes)—Kjæresten Min, may you:

1: Always know that you are loved.

2: Live surrounded by flowers.

3: Breathe fresh air deeply and often.

4: Be grateful for your good fortune.

5: Embarrass yourself just often enough to keep you humble (but

6: also) Wear the armor of unassailable self-confidence.

7: Find money under the furniture every time you clean house.

8: Get hugged whenever you need it.

9: Be generous at every opportunity.

10: Enjoy your ongoing status as the Smartest Sister.

11: Hear fabulous music wherever you go.

12: Never have awkward holes in your clothes.

13: See rainbows in every rainy day.

14: Rest and recover easily.

15: Never be too mature for anything important.

16: Live long and well.

17: Wear only what’s comfortable.

18: Choose joy, every chance you get.

19: Let politics roll off your back.

20: Never sit next to a person who smells awful.

21: Learn to enjoy everything you Have To Do.

22: Be a little wild when you can.

23: Have underwear that never rides up and socks that never fall down.

24: Always be comfortable in your own skin.

25: Smile knowingly with great frequency.

26: Have plenty of opportunities to stretch your horizons.

27: Stay warm enough in winter and cool enough in summer.

28: Wear your silliness proudly.

29: Revel in great good health.

30: Keep monitoring the halls because you care.

31: Be forever glad that you live wherever you live.

32: Frequently learn new things that interest you greatly.

33: Never run out of chocolate.

34: Tuck and roll when necessary.

35: Age with style.

36: Travel in comfort and explore with relish.

37: Be invisible to pests.

38: Think every day is the Best Day Ever.

39: Remember the stuff that matters to you.

40: Forget everything that makes you sad.

41: Immerse yourself in welcome silence.

42: Avoid toxic situations neatly.

43: Keep your savoir-faire intact.

44: See your beauty as clearly as others see it.

45: Miss every pothole in the road ahead.

46: Celebrate at any-and-every excuse.

47: Find unexpected goodness around you everywhere.

48: Be overflowing with contentment.

49: Continue to shine brightly.

50: Always remember that you are loved.

And have the happiest birthday yet…until the next one…and the next…!

13 thoughts on “50 Wishes for Happiness

  1. Beautiful birthday blessings to your sister Kath. What heartfelt love filled wishes you have for your sister. She is very lucky to have you as a big sister.
    Love to you from a sunny but chilly SA.
    🙂 Mandy xoxoxo

    • I could, of course, have wished her the opportunity to visit an elephant preserve, and some other adventures I’ve thus far enjoyed only through your eyes and posts, but I stuck with the higher probability items for now. Maybe for her 60th I’ll have to upgrade, though!!!
      xoxoxo with love,

  2. What a fabulous birthday wish for your sister, with just enough funny bits! Wonderful. And the photo is just stunning. Happy birthday to your sister; we share the same month 😊 xx

  3. That is a wonderful list, full of wisdom and thoughtfulness, well worth remembering. I’m sure your sister would love you as much as you clearly do her. And I do love your milkweed image too!

    • Thank you, Anna! The milkweed, in its generosity, not only looks lovely but feeds future butterflies; I’ve been but a humble imitator in feeding my sisters what love and good wishes I can, and it turns out that they are quite the butterflies, too!

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