Just Because…

Digital illo: Life PatternsJust because something is beyond my understanding doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

Just because it defies convention doesn’t mean it Can’t Be Done.

Just because it surpasses my imagination doesn’t mean it’s unnatural and illogical.

Just because it seems superhuman doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Just because I’m small and insignificant and mortal doesn’t mean I shouldn’t seek deeper understanding, challenge my boundaries, learn from nature, investigate logic and the natural order of things, and

lean hard against the edges of


6 thoughts on “Just Because…

  1. This is fabulous Kathryn and all so true.

    I’m sorry Ive missed some of your posts but the fall I had was rather an almighty one and its taking an age to recover. I have never known pain like it. I’m missing all the glorious weather. But at least I have a comfortable chair by a patio door onto the garden. I have to accept I can’t rush the recovery process, it will be what it will be! šŸ˜Š xxxx

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