So Much Good Reading, So Little Time

Photo montage: So Much Reading, So Little TimeOne of the keenest problems in a comfortable life, that. So much great stuff that I would love to read, and such a short life. So many beautiful pages of literary jewels and deliriously fun junk, paper and zine, novel and blog, that I would happily devour, if only there weren’t so much other Stuff to be done in the finite hours of the day.

In my case, of course, there is the additional complication of being an interminably slow reader. I will have to live to be 627 years old, at least, to read all that I’d like to read. Add to that the extra time (about half again as long) to comprehend what I read and I will have outlasted Methuselah and any number of other supernal beings. And the problem remains, on top of this literary one, that I will have a wide assortment of other highly irksome and undignified complications to overcome and survive in order to achieve such an advanced age. So I have to pick and choose what I am willing and able to devote my actual reading time to perusing, and accept my limitations with as good a grace as I can manage.

This summer, though many of you whose blogs I am fond of visiting for both reading and commenting might be surprised to hear it, I have been reducing rather than increasing my holiday reading. Since much of what I do readย isย online, and on an erratic schedule with less frequent long periods of sit-down-and-read time, let alone with reliable wi-fi access, I must think about what little I can squeeze in between other summer activities and parcel out my energies and devotion accordingly. I assure you that this is in no way a reflection on the quality and desirability of your work and its pull on my imagination, but it’s rather the reverse: that I want to return to it when I can give it more of its due and proper attention and appreciation. I will return to you, rest assured. Meanwhile, I hope you are lying back on a comfortable chaise in the summer shade, sipping a cool drink, and reading whatever stirsย your soul while the season lasts.

11 thoughts on “So Much Good Reading, So Little Time

  1. I have read more fiction in the past two weeks, having fallen, than I have in the past six months! So yay for fiction that has distracted me from the pain and enabled me to escape into other realities while stuck in the house on glorious hot summer days! I will be out in the garden asap! Enjoy your summer KThryn! xx ๐Ÿ˜Š

    • I hope your summer confinement has been so jam-packed with good reading that you’ve hardly noticed the weeks flying by at all. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Our garden is, sadly, forbidding in the 100-degree (37-38 C) weather. I gaze at it from the safety of the window view, pitying the plants their thirsty, overheated life! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I’m not entirely sure that my version of reading isn’t closer to shredding books, anyway, given my slowness and difficulty comprehending much!!! Chew on, Dennis! ๐Ÿ˜€

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