Great Things are Meant to Last

It’s almost midnight here, but there are a couple of hours left of Mom and Dad’s 59th anniversary back in western Washington state, where they began, and still practice, the fine art of marriage. So before I tuck myself into bed, and because I couldn’t reach them in person to say so the first three times I called, I will take this opportunity to thank them for having had the excellent taste in partners that put them together in the first place, the temerity or mild insanity—or both—to have us kids and keep us, and the strength of will and love and hope to stick together for all of these amazing years. Blessings to you, Mom and Dad, and may whatever comes only strengthen your joy in each other.Photo: Mountaintop Experience

6 thoughts on “Great Things are Meant to Last

  1. What a wonderful blessing to be married for 59 years. Congratulations and wonderful anniversary blessings to both your parents Kath. My folks are a little behind at 47 years.
    Sweet dreams and much love to you too.
    🙂 Mandy xoxoxo

    • So sweet of you! I forwarded your note, too, since I don’t know that they always remember to check the comments when they “star” in the post. 🙂
      Love to you two, too!

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