Get Ready to Get Scared

Autumn is a strange time of year, isn’t it—the season when the evidence of the end of all living things surrounds us in greater than ever abundance is also when we’re imbued with the sense of newness as the school year and performance seasons begin. One month turns into the next over a period of ritual remembrance for the dead, a time that has managed to segue in modern times into a monstrously (pun intended) popular holiday rife with commercialism and partying that have in most cases long since obliterated any sober or spiritual content that once attached to the occasion. Confusing, perhaps, this odd mix of the haunting and the hilarious, the grotesque and the goofy.

I rather like this time of year for that very reason. The bizarre and the beautiful make such interesting partners, don’t they. It’s so perfect, the way this sort of thing reflects the natural intersections of the true and the terrible, the gruesome and the glorious—of life and death.

Me, I’m scared of practically everything. I’m not all that enamored with the more popular forms of terror-tainment, the horrific haunted houses and splatter movies, never mind the creepy cults of murder groupies and the like. But I’m human; I’m not immune, either, to a good, cathartic thrill and chill. So I get my kicks in the particular ways that allow me to feel a modicum of control, usually because I made up the scary stuff myself. As puppet-master I can enjoy the frissons until I’m, well, not enjoying them, and then put the story on hold until I’m ready to face my own death again. Mortality is such an adventure. I know you think about it, too, whether it’s Halloween month or not. Meanwhile, sleep well.Digital illo from photos: Let's Get Scared

12 thoughts on “Get Ready to Get Scared

  1. Good morning Kathryn….yes this is such an interesting time of the year and like spring, one of m favourites…although with such a different feeling….Love the illustration….Janetxx

    • Yes, I think visual people like us are especially susceptible to the beauties and variations that the changing seasons bring! I thought you might get a kick out of such a silly illustration. 😉

    • Thank you, my sweet Flower Lovers! It is indeed an abundant year, and a richly abundant time within it. Much to celebrate! May your season bring you all that you can desire, and more.
      ❤ !!!

  2. I enjoyed everything you said in this post, all of which is so true. I like the autumn season mostly for the leaves and the scenery. Can’t wait to see this up close here in Connecticut!

    • I can only imagine what the scenery must be becoming by now in CT! My spouse has promised that someday he’ll take me up to the NE states in leaf-peeping season; he taught at Mt. Holyoke for several years long ago, so he lived and worked and played up there and enjoyed it immensely, but that was long before I was ever in the picture. So it’s still on my list. Enjoy it especially on my behalf, until then!

  3. My favorite time of the year! I don’t like to be scared, but I love all the decor, pumpkins, hot cider (though I drink this throughout the year), leaves falling….oh I just love this time of year. Yes I think about my own mortality. Perhaps more than I should. Hmmm vampires live forever! Hahahahaha. Happy Fall, happy Halloween, happy day! Take care, Koko❀

    • Maybe we should become the Kinder, Gentler variety of vampires…hmmm…wonder what *that* would look like!!! 😀 Yes, I think until that species is discovered I’ll stick with all of the yummy and cuddly parts of Fall, too. Being scared is highly overrated, in my opinion! 😉

      Love and hugs,

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