Selfie of the Day

A marvelous post I read yesterday by the amazing Joseph P. Kanski at his blog  Implied Spaces—illustrated with his simply spectacular images, each of them in its unique way a self-portrait—mused on the whole topic of self-portraiture and autobiography, considering what the artists and authors in question are choosing to reveal or conceal, to present or pretend. Every time we interact, or for that matter, fail to or choose not to interact, we are making statements. Some of us are constantly focused on, and perhaps occasionally obsessed with, the verity or clarity of what we present to the world.

People in hiding are not limited to refugees and criminals on the run. Many of us assure ourselves that we are being thoughtful, mindful, when we speak and act, yet there are so many more delicate and subtle bits of identity emanating from us at all times that it would be utterly impossible to control every iota of sensory information we convey, never mind how others in all of their complexity are receiving and interpreting the whole. Regardless of the natural intent most of us have to reinforce our own ideals and wishes, we tend to speak volumes in the myriad ways we present ourselves to the world. The challenge to be true to ourselves only increases with maturation and self-knowledge as we grow and age.

In the present culture of self-revelation, this is, as Mr. Kanski observes, a time when any and every image we present is widely and rather permanently available to be seen and interpreted by ever-increasing numbers, most of whom we will never come to know in any true sense. No time like the present, then, for reevaluating what those revelations are, can be, or should be, according to our own estimation. My hopes and fears inevitably become more visible or available for speculation in every self-image that I offer, so perhaps I shall just see how close I can get to telling my story the way I want to tell it.

My latest: Selfie, 2.0.

Digital illo: Selfie 2.0

The updated version—still Me, more Me, less Me? I’m sure it only depends on whom you ask.

9 thoughts on “Selfie of the Day

  1. It takes a certain amount of bravery to reveal oneself, even if what we reveal may possibly only end up being a reflection of who we wish we were. Sometimes, just as with prayers, wishes do come true. Of course, when your direction changes in a nanosecond, even your wishes tend to be liquid; always taking the shape of who you are on that day, in that moment, from that perspective. I love the way you covered a very broad topic in a short amount of space, and how your (quite refreshing and beautiful) self-portrait drove home the point. I’ve always been one to enjoy a good story. Thanks for sharing another glimpse into yours.

    • I consider myself lucky to have you as a character in my story these last few years! I love your way of phrasing it: “wishes tend to be liquid.” Yes. Our prayers, wishes, and directions change as quickly, regularly, and we ourselves do. I’m always glad when I like who I am. I like who *you* are, too, by the way. 🙂

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