A Real Head-Scratcher

Photo: Hairy Alien 1Hair-Raising Conundrums

What a puzzler it is that misty weather makes hair frizz

but rainy weather turns it flat—what kind of logic lies in that?

How, if light pressure makes unfurl what tighter tension leads to curl?

And why our nature is it called, that time grows hair more—or makes bald?

Makes me afraid the wond’ring fright could lead to greying overnight;

I s’pose it’s normal, to be fair, but find I’m tearing out my hair.

When it’s explained, sure I’ll be dead…

‘Least I’ll have moss atop my head.Photo: Hairy Alien 2

15 thoughts on “A Real Head-Scratcher

  1. This did make me smile. Think of all the time and energy wasted in a lifetime worrying about the state of our hair:) and when we are dead it keeps growing anyway…….I hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend. I am beginning to feel the physical and emotional benefits of my new routine. Janet. xxx

  2. Kathryn, you are simply A.W.E.S.O.M.E.
    Do you know how some quizzes ask the question,’Where would you want to be stranded?’ Hands down my answer would be in Kathryn’s head. Love all the stuff that goes on up there!!

    • Well, my darling Rama, there should be LOTS of room inside my head for you if you want to come in, now that you’ve said that and made it swell up like a zeppelin! 😀 You are too much! And I love that!!
      Thank you, dearest.

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