Back to Work—but First, a Pause for Plain Old Happiness

It’s strange, this mysterious netherworld between having produced and published a post a day every single day for 4+ years and now trying to find a footing in the more sporadic presence of blogging only when I have the time! I will figure it out, no doubt. But for now, I’m feeling my way in the dark, it seems.

Okay, I’ve not been utterly inactive elsewhere while not posting consistently. Continuing the detailed work of settling into our new home keeps me doing small projects of all sorts as I figure out precisely how we’ll use the spaces and the things in them, and what might enhance the usefulness or appearance, or better yet, both, of everything here. Life goes on with its usual flurries of school and home office work, hosting various visiting friends at mealtimes, break times, and/or overnight times, and tending to the business of a semi-normal schedule, albeit a surprisingly full one.

And I do find or steal time to play when I can, taking outdoor walks or just wandering up and down the aisles of the grocery store without a plan when I go to stock the pantry and refrigerator, stopping to scrawl a poem or jot a drawing idea. All good. Not to mention that a body’s got to eat, so I do whip up the occasional actual meal, especially if I’m dining with my husband and other friends. Oh, and I’m actively working on my next book or two or ten. And some song lyrics. And finally adding some new stuff to my Zazzle store, which has lain neglected for too long without new merchandise designs. And I’ve been slowly developing yet other, still unnamed and undisclosed, arty projects. I’m not just lying about in my expensive silk-embroidered negligee and eating Belgian chocolate truffles while a harpist plays softly in the corner of my palatial living room.

Though of course that takes approximately 72% of my time, on an average day.

Today, especially, I must take occasional breaks from that normal activity in order to show proper respect for the fact that this date marks the anniversary of my father’s first glorious appearance on this earth. Happy Birthday, Dad! During my commemorative pauses, I am reminded that I have always had before me the example of a very busy, highly productive, and multifaceted guy in my father, one who scarcely took visible breaks himself during his official working years from doing, learning, and attempting a wide variety of amazing feats. So if I have what feels like relatively little time for fiddling around pointlessly or I think I’m a bit overwhelmed by the range of things I’m wanting or needing to accomplish, I am glad to remember that I have grown up in the shade of one who still manages, after years of gaining expertise in the art, to Get Things Done on an impressive level.

And, more importantly in my book, who does so with great good humor and a remarkable ability to find the pleasure and positive aspects in whatever he’s undertaking. Something any of us would do well to learn long before we meet the other sort of undertaker.

Yeah, I’ll get back to my own chores and tasks pretty soon, because I do want to get a thing or two done before my time is up, but there are some more important sorts of items than just what lurks on the to-do lists, like remembering my father on his birthday. Dad, I hope you’re having a superb day, whether it’s spent in high gear Getting Things Done or is a welcome break spent lounging around in your own palatial spot with the aforementioned truffles and sweet serenading as your constant atmospheric enhancements. You are still a fine standard-bearer for the life well lived, and I thank you for it!Photo: Happy Birthday, Dad

25 thoughts on “Back to Work—but First, a Pause for Plain Old Happiness

  1. First and foremost….happy birthday to your Father…who sounds like s wonderful man. It also sounds as if you are very busy in between bon bon eating and generally lazing around in silk pyjamas……:)
    You are clearly adjusting to the move and all the changes that come with that…and it does take time….Meanwhile enjoy the new rhythms, rituals and routines….always good to have a change….and love to see you here:)xxx

    • My dear Janet! I am very glad to be popping by as well. And I must send a much-delayed but deeply felt birthday greeting (wrapped up in flocks of mystical, magical, miraculous hummingbirds!) to YOU. With love and affection!

      • Thank you so much dear Kathryn….It has been a splendiferous birthday and amazingly still continues with lunches and get togethers with those who couldn’t be with me at the time:) You have a lovely weekend…my friend…enjoy your new home. Janet. xxx

  2. I’m glad to hear you’re being productive and happy! 😃 Congrats on getting books done and new home chores. Those can go on forever!
    Thank you for checking in. I do wonder how folks are after reading them 4x a week… then only about once a month. .. withdrawals! ! 😉😉

    • I’m always amazed and delighted if the response to my absence isn’t just good old-fashioned relief! 😀 Hope all’s swell in your universe these days, too, my friend! xo

  3. Belated birthday wishes to your Father, Kathryn, and good to see you back here again, although I certainly can understand the nee to back away from WP for a little while. 😉

    • Thank you, my friend! I hope all is well with you and your loved ones, too. I will certainly head over to see your new page as soon as I get a moment to do so. It’ll be my pleasure. 🙂

  4. A belated happy birthday to your father, Kathryn! And congratulations on your new home! May it be blessed with the best of times and memories and love! XOXO..

    • Thank you, sweet Rama! Already many delights here—it seems we’ve hardly been without good company for lunches, dinners, and stays since we moved in here, and more is ahead. Lots of love and joy to you and yours, too, my dear! xoxoxo 😀 K

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