Calling All [Music] Composers!

Photo: Head in the Clouds

To all the teachers and grownups who ever complained that I always had my head in the clouds: [insert vigorous *RASPBERRY* here]!

I said I would do it long, long ago, so ready or not, here goes: a passel of potential poetic [and other] lyrics. When I write, rhyming or rhythmic or not, I very often hear music in my imagination. Too bad I don’t have the musical chops to set my own texts, whether for solo or ensemble singing, accompanied or a cappella…or maybe it’s not sad at all: I also love collaborative arts. So join me, if you like!

I will likely publish some of this stuff in my upcoming books. The only published book so far, Miss Kitty’s Fabulous Emporium of Magical Thinking: Drawings & Other Artworks, Tall Tales and Weird Creatures (Volume 1), is up for your perusal as well—just grab a copy through Amazon.

[May I suggest that you use Amazon Smile——where you can get Amazon to make a small charitable donation of your choice from their profits]).

This post is not an endorsement of Amazon, paid or otherwise, though I happily use the behemoth’s services extensively myself. Including as my book publisher, since I am far too “unmarketable”—thank you, gallerists, publishers, and agents of the past who classify anything non-repetitive, unprecedented, or wildly varied as impossible to package and sell. This post is not meant to be a whining snark-fest, either, since I am genuinely grateful that said business persons were honest enough with themselves to recognize their limitations in promoting unusual or unclassifiable works, and honest enough, in turn, with me to help me recognize that my vocation isn’t in making a living out of my arts but in making a life with and through them.

Meanwhile, I still love to join forces with other creatives, no matter what our project or theme, when the muse brings us together. I have collaborated with other artists to create numerous visual, written, and performed artworks over the years and am always delighted with the learning, bonding, challenges, inspiration, and joy that come from such interplay. If you find anything in here that sparks (no pun intended) your imagination, I welcome you to my playground. If you’re just here to read and—hopefully—enjoy, you are most welcome as well. I’m happy for the company.

Photo: Afire with Inspiration

Here’s hoping to fan the flames of your imagination…

To read any of the dozens of sets of poems and texts, grouped loosely by theme or topic or mood, just click here or on the freshly minted Poems & Lyric Texts link at the top of my homepage.

Photo: CHEESE!

I’m not above grinning at you crazily if you’re even remotely a kindred spirit. Cheese!

12 thoughts on “Calling All [Music] Composers!

  1. While not a musician, composer, poet or writer, I so much appreciate that work in others. I’m glad to hear that there are other books in the works, Kathryn!

  2. Okay, I might be interested in giving this a try! I cannot start this week, but I took a look at some of the poems in the nocturnes and lullabies section that I can imagine music for. I am best at short pieces. Anyway, if you aren’t already overwhelmed, I would like to be considered! I could send a sample of my work for your review, if needed.

    Nan Beth

    Sent from my iPad


    • Cool! It’s not a conditional offer—to be considered in your own time and under your own terms, and if the work turns out to please only you, that’s enough. It’s how I write the stuff, in the first place, just giving vent to my instincts, thoughts, emotions, and ideas and not knowing whether the writings will go any further than that. If enough interesting compositions come together, ultimately, from this friendly little thrown-down gauntlet of mine to build a songbook or two, then I will happily go forward with compiling, illustrating, and whatever other collaborative processes might compel a publisher to consider offering the book in that form as well, whether as a compendium of works by different composers or as a body of work by an individual.

      Meanwhile, I couldn’t be more pleased than that you might consider writing music with any of my texts—and that you enjoy reading the stuff in the first place.

      Thanks for that, dear Nan Beth!

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