Foodie Tuesday: Nuts about ‘Em All

I’ve been MIA here for long enough. Long enough to have a really dandy hiatus and enjoy my break from daily blogging. Long enough to think it’s time to get back in regular practice with my readin’ and writin’ skills. And definitely long enough to be going a little nutty with the urge to eat—and blog about it, of course.

Nut-urally, I’m going to start going nuts here if I don’t.

Sorry, couldn’t help it. ‘Cause I really am kind of nuts about nuts. Can’t think of any kind I’m not fond of in one way or another. They’re so versatile. They go with savory foods and sweet ones, they’re tasty on their own or as ingredients in every possible course from soup to…well, you know.Photo: Pine Nuts

I’m happy to munch a handful of toasted nuts for a reasonably healthy snack. Might be almost any kind, depending on what I have around or am just in the mood to eat. Pignoli, or piñones, toasted in salted browned butter are a fine way to start, light and tender and full of really tasty fat that’s only delicate as long as its volatile nature stays fresh, and with just a tiny hint of the piney woods about them. Or maybe I want to get a tiny bit fancier and toast a mix of nuts together, and throw not only a little salt into the butter but also perhaps some cinnamon and sugar and a dash of cayenne. Very lightly candy them, say, a blend of almonds and pecans and pistachios.Photo: I'm Nuts about 'Em All

Sometimes I might even have the patience to use some finely ground nuts to coat a chicken breast or slice of goat’s cheese for frying into a crispy coating. Almonds are of course classic for this, but again, nearly any nut will do, as long as it can take the heat required for the dish: pine nuts would be a poor choice for something that has to cook or bake or fry for too long and/or at too high a temperature, unless you think you can make little teeny charcoal shavings look and taste yummy somehow. The harder, higher-heat-resistant nuts are preferable in those instances. Of course, there’s such a range of nuts and the nut-like seeds that can join them, you might well choose ones that complement every single course of the meal.Photo: Chicken Amandine

Dessert being, often, the most important course. To be honest.

Since I’m such a—you knew this was coming—nut for all-things-dessert-ish, I am quite adept at finding ways, means, and excuses to incorporate nuts of one sort or another into the final (or only: still being honest, here) course, whether as the course, or alongside the cheese or on top of the ice cream or pudding, or perhaps as a nut crust cradling a pie or tart, if I’m patient enough to wait through the prep and baking/chilling time required for such a treat. Oh, who am I kidding. Waiting? Now that’s just. Nuts.Photo: Candied Nuts on Top

24 thoughts on “Foodie Tuesday: Nuts about ‘Em All

    • I’m going to have to head over to your blog and surf in search of nut noms! Yes, I’m *very* glad not to have to fear any allergies in this so-reliable category. Bad enough to have to Behave Like an Adult dietarily these days in order to not keep, erm, expanding my horizons. I’m mighty glad I needn’t also be vigilant about anything worse than quantities—allergies are dreadful. Nuts to you, my friend! 😉 xo

    • I’ve missed our little chats, too! Hope all’s well with you these days. Our last few months have been jam–packed, so I ought to have plenty of fodder for further posts, when I can snag the time to write them. 🙂 Sending much love (and wishing you a few toasted nuts to nibble!)—Kath ❤

    • One should always be cognizant of the downside whilst enjoying the upside. 😉 It makes the enjoyment that much more piquant, in its own way. I’m learning that this is an actual positive element to the Adult Behavior I mentioned to John in an earlier comment: if I adhere to eating better and more potentially healthful quantities of what I eat, I am more likely not only to stay fitter but to better appreciate the deliciousness of what I do allow myself to eat. Then it doesn’t seem like deprivation, but a rarer treat. Not that I’m in any way becoming a real grownup. Perish the thought!!! ❤

  1. Kath! What a beautiful surprise to see your post – welcome back dear friend. I have missed you. We too love our nuts but never get much passed eating them as is – roasted and salted. Think it times to get more adventurous.
    Have a beautiful love filled happy weekend.
    🙂 Mandy xoxoxo

    • Thank you, my sweet! It’s good to be back; now I have to start Thinking and Doing on a more regular basis again! Perhaps if I fuel up with some nice toasted nuts, I’ll have the energy. Have a superb weekend on *your* side of the pond, too, and hug Pete whilst you have him available. 😀 😀 ❤ ❤

  2. I love making a warm bunch of mixed nuts by spreading them on a baking sheet then tossing them with a mixture of melted butter, brown sugar and a dash or two of cayenne. Lay a few sprigs of fresh rosemary on top and slide them into the oven til they start to toast. SCRUMPTIOUS!

    • I don’t know how your comment escaped my feed until now! But here I am at last, and I thank you for the comment, especially the reminder of how fabulously nuts get along with rosemary!!! One of those combinations that can hardly be anything but fantastic. 😀

    • It was among my better chicken preps, I think, but I’ll admit that I tend to idealize my relative successes, so your version will likely be better. But it photographed nicely enough! 🙂 Now I look back at it, I’m getting a bit hungry for some roasted chicken of one sort or another….

      • I used to be good with chicken. I could cook it really well. I don’t like the dark meat. I always bought breasts, and I always looked for small ones, which were hard to find.
        I would buy a package and the breasts was huge. I thought there were four in the package, but there were only two.
        I know they are injected with water and who knows what other chemicals.
        They just don’t taste the same as they used to.
        But I used to cook them much better than I do now. Now, I find the best way to cook them, is barbecue them, but I really miss fried chicken.
        I haven’t frying it in a long time.
        One of the reasons why it doesn’t taste the same to me besides the chicken itself is that they stopped making one of the seasonings I used.

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