Ready or Not!

FB-1-SHOW-inviteOne month from this date, 18 November 2017, I’m crawling back out of my chrysalis. It’s been nice in here, curled up in my artistic bubble and reinventing myself yet again. With masses of support from spouse, family, friends, and community right on through, of course, I’ve found productivity and a few adventures and plenty of novelty in untested or forgotten media to charm and challenge me. Besides which, nothing’s more motivational than having a deadline. November the 18th.

And not having participated in an art exhibition in approximately a decade, surprisingly, is a fair catalyst for setting a deadline to, you know…have an art exhibition. Yep, highly motivational. Oh, did I mention that despite the longtime plan to have a show and the subsequent immersion in art-making, the show itself is essentially all on the fly? Story of my life as an artist. My life in general, perhaps. Good thing I’m surrounded by such richly (perhaps weirdly) supportive people.

Now, finding a workable date was one of the first stumbling blocks. So many of the same friends and loved ones who are always on hand to cheer me on have such busy lives—foremost among them my conductor spouse—that it’s a trick to merely find one date when less than 90% of them have a concert, a rehearsal, a gig, or any other impediment to their at least getting to see the stuff they’ve, however foolishly, encouraged me to create. From the date-setting part of the adventure followed the inevitable cascade of logistical hoop-jumping and list-making and head-scratching that make every art exhibit similar to every other limited-edition event I’ve seen in the planning and execution. I guess I should just be glad that a literal execution is not what I expect awaits me on the day of the show.

And before you say “huh?” to that last item, I will confirm that this is not only a one-day reception but a one-day, pop-up exhibition. As I’ve never sought representation by or an affiliation with an agent or gallery or shop in Texas since moving here, I knew from the beginning that I’d be lucky to afford a single day’s showing. And I’m luckier than I even dared to hope because a very clever friend with excellent connections found a perfect venue for me and convinced the owner I was a worthwhile risk.

Now it’s my continuing task to prove him correct. Did I say Motivational?!

This’ll be the first time I’ve shown any of my digital artwork in the real world. It’s the first time I’ve seriously revisited painting in many years. I’ve adjusted and edited a number of the graphite drawings I’ve made in my years of blogging here and during the non-painting time in general so that I can make limited edition prints of some of them and sell the originals of others. My forays into designing patterns, styles, and finishes for clothing and furnishings through online wholesalers and retailers will get a first physical airing, and the seven of the eight books I’ve put into print will be in the space as well.

Thus far, I’ve been scrambling to separate more clearly what is, or isn’t, going to be included in the show not only so that I can push to insure that all the Yeses are framed and ready to hang and the Nos don’t get in the way of that deadline which will now be officially looming, being a month away. Things to do, places to go, people to see, and yes, a post or two to get my blog in gear enough for me to clarify in my own mind just where all of this is headed.

More to come; for now, I’ll just hand you a pair of the invitational materials so you can join in on the countdown with me. Come along, if you’re up for it!FB-3-SHOW-sampler

17 thoughts on “Ready or Not!

  1. My dearest Kath, I would be there in a heartbeat if I could. What an honour it would be to walk amongst your masterpieces but alas, Africa is just too far away.
    Love and hugs to you. So very excited for you.
    🙂 Mandy xo

    • You know it means everything to have my sweet friends ‘in my corner’ whether you can be on the same continent or not! I’ll try hard to document everything as best I can so I can share it online after the fact, too. Much love and may the spring be glorious for you!
      Kath ❤

  2. Dear Kathryn….I will be with you in spirit, and if I were in the States I would be there. I am quite sure this will be a huge success. You are multi talented and your work speaks for itself. I can imagine that after a ten year hiatus it’s all a little daunting. I am somewhat in that position myself….but most important – exciting. Sending massive hummingbird hugs. Janet xxx

    • As I just said to Mandy, I will be the stronger and happier on the day just knowing that my far-off friends are so graciously surrounding me with good thoughts and wishes for success. And yes—it’s exciting. I look forward to it far more than I fear it, which for me is a pretty big deal! 😉 Much love to you as well.

    • Thank you, Eoin! It means an especial lot coming from fellow artists, particularly ones whose work I so admire. Some day, if I’m really lucky, I hope I’ll get to see *your* work in person!! Cheers, and may your brushes keep happily flying, too.

  3. How exciting is all of this? So many irons in the fire… how do you manage? Your energy is captivating and you seem so happy. I know you are ready for this and you’ll do well. I’m very excited to read upcoming posts.

    • You should see our apartment right now. Wall to wall heaps of boxes, art in all states of finish from nekkid canvases and paper to the framed and bubble-wrapped, and a ton of tools and installation materials. The furniture here has virtually disappeared from sight, and the square footage is shrinking to square atom-age by the minute. I’m delighted to be doing this but feel both the usual undercurrent of what-if-they-hate-it anxiety (not massive, but a nuisance!) and the cheerier can’t-wait-to-clean-house thing that makes me not entirely sad that it’ll be over eventually, too. Haha!

      Not that there won’t be messy projects to follow it anyhow…kind of like how deer and other critters seem to show up at your place just when you think things have calmed down a bit….


    • Many thanks, dear DJ! Hope all’s going beautifully for you these days. I look forward to having a break or two later this winter to actually sit and read swell poetry and look at what everyone’s up to at my sweet friends’ places in life!!
      Big hugs!!

  4. Congrats Karthryn on your show and the courage to put yourself out there. Years ago I backed off from putting my photography out in the world to show and sell. It’s so much easier to give it away or share it on the blog without the pressure of selling and face to face responses. Your art looks wonderful by the way. Best wishes with your show.

    • Obviously I totally understand the backed-off approach, Brad! So much more comfortable for me, too. I will continue to rely heavily on friends & loved ones to help me through these first outings; it takes all I’ve got and a little bit more just to get this event put together. But as much as I’d gladly forego the business and concomitant extrovert necessities, I’m glad the mere idea of showing has pushed me, once again, to some new places creatively, and we’ll see if that boost makes all the effort and stress worthwhile. If not, I’ll be able to say I gave it a sincere go, but if it pays off in those other ways, I will persist as best I can and see where it takes me. Sometimes life takes me in truly unexpected directions that turn out to be *good*! Thanks, as always, for your constant support and kindness!

  5. November 18 was the date in 1307 when William Tell supposedly shot the apple off his son’s head. If the kid could stand up to the dangerous flash of that arrow, I know you’ll stand up to the pressures of preparing for your flash show.

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