15 thoughts on “More of My Imaginary Friends

  1. KI, you must give us next the “wild hues”, enticing songs for men of delicious deceit, and do give us a look at Dorinder Beecher’s fishy face because you must write more in this same strain. Allow Lindy Lee to repeat, your style is quite neet…

  2. By the way, how on earth do you handle the long list of posts you no doubt suffer, as I? This is driving me wild & possibly to drink. At the moment, there are at least 300 waiting in my WordPress Mail Box. Oh! woe is me. I have Awards, whose logos I’ve posted on my site, well actually, my son & daughter-in-law did this for me but, regretfully, I am greatly remiss in acknowledging, or even remembering at this point, who gave them to me or nominated me for them, let alone abiding by the associated rules. Computer literacy is not one of my forte’s. I do well to post my own occasional, and I do mean occasional, poems and seem to spend most of my WordPress time reading others’ posts & making comments, comments I feel obligated to make genuine & non-repetitive. I do very much enjoy all my followers & the ones I follow. Husband abides patiently, which increases my guilt ever more. As I say to my son when I have a computer problem, ‘HELP!!!’…

    • I wish I could offer you some solace, but I do indeed have the same [happy] problem! It’s lovely to have so many champions and supporters and friends and the inspiration is so much driven by these conversations and interactions. But, like all kinds of activities and adventures, they constantly grow to fill all available space and then spill over. I’m forever searching for better strategies and solutions, but apparently that’s just another way of widening the freeway and inviting more cars to join the traffic. Which of course reminds me that I, too, have numerous blog items awaiting my attention . . .

      So, no help from here. ‘Fraid you’ll have to settle for a big, sympathetic virtual hug!

    • You know better than most, of course, how hard it is to catch these creatures at rest long enough to take their portraits, whether in visual or verbal images. 😉

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