It’s a Doggone Shame If You don’t Live It Up

I suppose it’s incumbent upon me to state clearly that I do understand that a lazy and fearful person like me is unlikely to plunge into newness and adventure, no matter how alluring the topic or event. Not that you didn’t already know this about me from any number of previous confessions and revelations in a related vein. Yet while my lack of courage and spirit will undoubtedly hound me for the rest of my days, I’m happy to report that I still manage to grow and change over time, if perhaps more slowly and accidentally than others do so.graphite drawingThe ancient adage that ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ is ridiculously pessimistic, if you ask me. I’ve known plenty of senior citizens to avidly pursue and conquer all sorts of new skills and knowledge, and I’m working my way toward being a bit of a Grandma Moses myself, being ever hopeful that at least by the time I hit my eighties I might also hit my stride in whatever turns out to be my life’s calling. But beyond vocation or avocation, that tired and cynical aphorism also assumes that we can’t just continue to better ourselves once we hit a mythical age barrier. What an unpleasant and unproductive idea!digital illustrationI much prefer the concept of discovering what we are capable of learning, accomplishing and enjoying for the first time (or anew) and embracing it at whatever pace suits us. While others are busy jumping through hoops of flame and running obstacle courses and playing catch with other dogged devotees of the disc, if all I can do is learn to Sit Up and Beg, then at least I’ll get some handouts from wiser, more talented and skilled beings. Could be downright fun, and I’ll lap it right up I’m sure. It certainly beats sticking forever to the one trick I’ve known best since my youth, Rolling Over and Playing Dead.

6 thoughts on “It’s a Doggone Shame If You don’t Live It Up

  1. this is an awesome post. I love how you take life slowly and enjoy each moment. I love how you are not in any hurry to be like the next door neighbor. When you do reach that ripe old age of eighties, you will still be lapping it up and smiling big!

    • Many thanks, dear Lauren. Yes, very happy these days as we’re spending work/holiday time with family and friends (so much so that I’m having very little time to visit anyone else’s blog, or even do more than put up pre-written posts, lately). I shall return! But I think I’ll be returning quite refreshed and renewed. xoxoxo!

  2. There is never an end to learning … and that can be whatever it is for each of us. Curiosity can offer adventures of all shapes and sizes. Glad you are enjoying your holiday time! XO

    • It was a tornado of a trip–6000+ miles, tons of family and friends, many concerts and events, and tearing back down to get home in time for the year’s start-up meetings and appointments. I’ll surely revisit the tour both on the blog and in my mind for much time to come. It was quite the learning time and the living-it-up time altogether!

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