photoThose things that I can see even with my eyes quite tightly closed are objects of reverence and awe. No matter how much I admire the visible world for its quirks and art and prettiness, I cannot always navigate it with precision. I often can’t recognize faces out of their expected contexts. I miss obvious details that people around me have noted with nonchalance. I fail to see the marvel in many a beautiful everyday thing.photoSo when the attractions of anything are so intense that they live, beyond existing in the visible world, within the depths of my mind’s eye, I accord them special significance. They become icons of a sort, or waking dreams. I can carry with me those images that hold their places in my soul with something stronger than mere physical presence can ever begin to attain.

9 thoughts on “Wonder

    • Thanks, my sweet Mandy! I’m having a marvelous time with family and friends and, while I look forward to the time when we settle back into the usual start-of-school patterns and life, I’m happily looking at moon and stars and all of the other inspirational ephemera around me for now. Much love to you, and I hope you’re having a wonderful time, too! xoxo, Kathryn

      • Good to know, Kathryn, and it’s great to have wonderful friends here on WP…I just wrote a poem about friends, too. I wish I could keep up, though. I have to get ready for work, but will be back later to catch up in your world! Sending hugs! 🙂

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