Early or Late, Good Sleep is Great

digital artworkRestoration Drama

Give me dreams, but let me sleep,

In peaceful rest to lie—

Haul off the tossing, counting sheep,

The nightmares passing by—

Yes, make the most of forty winks,

A hundred, if I may;

Remove insomnia and keep

Harsh wakefulness at bay—

No more foul nights as hostage to

Psychosis’ nasty knife—

Now, make a truce and make it true,

Right through eternal life!

2 thoughts on “Early or Late, Good Sleep is Great

    • My mid-sleep wake-ups are limited to head-butting by a decidedly *not* furry guy’s shaved head when he gets to bed cold and wants to be hugged warm so he can sleep! 😀 Fortunately I get to sleep in later than he does most of the time, and besides, there are worse things to have wake me up than a hug attack!!!
      Love, and have a glorious week, my sweet! With lots of good sleep!

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