Now that My Hair is Longer

It’s interesting, this growing out my hair after about fifteen years of having it fairly short. Suddenly I’ve got wavy hair, and it not only looks different from the super-straight short stuff I had but I kind of like it better now that it’s got white hairs streaking through it here and there. Go figure. Still, that doesn’t make the following poem true. Just sayin’.photoLady Samson

 Her hair’s grown long now; does this signify

She’s stronger yet somehow, or then, have I

Mistaken this adornment so hirsute

For something that a person more acute

Would recognize as only pretty hair?

I’ll ponder it (and hope not seem to stare)

Until a sign arises that this length,

If only by its beauty, gives her strength,

For anyway, I oughtn’t give a fig

E’en on discovering that it’s a

4 thoughts on “Now that My Hair is Longer

    • Possibly, although the trick will be to decide when the new ‘do is, uh, done. That is to say, since I’ve not had hair this long (and it’s still plenty short by many measures) in many years, we’re watching to see if it reaches an obviously appropriate length or requires tinkering. A silly but mildly entertaining experiment, motivated by the combination of skipped haircuts while on our summer road trip, seeing that the new growth was wavy instead of my longtime straight hair and that the grey shows off more–an aspect that I guess I’m something of an oddity in thinking one of my preferred features. Either way, I’m probably overdue for a new head shot anyhow, so I’ll see what I can manage relatively soon.

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