Life Cycles

digital illustration from a photoSo Much Happens in a Few

So much happens in a few

Stray days, cells changed and borne along

Eternally, while growing strong

And old, and yet, too, growing new,

Dividing in their bubbling streams

The wind and sun of yesterday

And all that with it passed away,

From what are tomorrow’s dreams.

So, too, notes dashed off in haste

And then recalled with cool regret

Or penciled into kind words, yet

Not guaranteed to mend the waste,

Join in the fragile and the small,

Still, pale, inconsequential space

Where in the cycles of our race

So much can happen to us

16 thoughts on “Life Cycles

    • More fun with my friend Photoshop! 😉 But I fell in love with both bicycles when I saw them in the first place, so I knew I’d have to use them somehow…. I’m glad you like them, too!
      xoxo–love to you as well, dear Nia!

    • Curious that we should exist at all, when you think of it, so if our only purpose is to see what happens as we move from Point A to Point Z, that ought to be adventure enough. 🙂

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