Spaceships, Time Machines, Bicycles

Photo: One for the RoadWhen I think about it, I’m amazed at how many modes of transport exist. Contrary to the fantasies popular in the middle of the past century, we’re not all traveling in levitating cars and being atomized and reassembled on opposite sides of the world. But it’s still fiction-worthy stuff that emerges when I realize we’re within reach of fully self-driven cars and can already travel at light speed, drive under the sea, and fly to the moon and, yes—more importantly—back again.

Fiction, however, has always outstripped real-world progress, as well it should. If we don’t imagine it first, how can we build it? If we didn’t travel thus in dreams, what chance would there be of our ever doing so in life?

I have invented an item or two in my time, but my ingenious machinations have never yet been realized in concrete form, at least those unrelated to my art. Still, I hold dear the idea that ideation is the necessary precedent of exciting discoveries and meaningful inventions. As silly as they may seem, then, I’m unlikely to quit developing my odd creations of the imaginary sort.

Who knows what journeys might someday spring from them?Digital illustration from photos: Time Machines

Life Cycles

digital illustration from a photoSo Much Happens in a Few

So much happens in a few

Stray days, cells changed and borne along

Eternally, while growing strong

And old, and yet, too, growing new,

Dividing in their bubbling streams

The wind and sun of yesterday

And all that with it passed away,

From what are tomorrow’s dreams.

So, too, notes dashed off in haste

And then recalled with cool regret

Or penciled into kind words, yet

Not guaranteed to mend the waste,

Join in the fragile and the small,

Still, pale, inconsequential space

Where in the cycles of our race

So much can happen to us