The True Breakfast of Champions

digital illustrationIn Praise of English Breakfast

Here’s to the English breakfast, dears,

That’s brought, for lo these many years

Sustenance to both health and heart

To give the day a proper start,

The source of warmth and vital grace

Beginning the day with our needs in place:

A rasher of bacon, an egg or two,

Some toast, some tea, some tomatoes; who

Wouldn’t love some beans, some mushrooms? Nay,

Don’t start without English breakfast, pray!

18 thoughts on “The True Breakfast of Champions

  1. Perfect reflection on an English breakfast, Kathryn – nothing like it! My best memory is actually of a Scottish breakfast: once, back in the 1970’s … when I was going to school in England and traveling on break with a roommate, we were very low on cash and needed to make the most of the breakfast that came with our lodging for the night. One B & B proprietor offered us a second breakfast (for free) and we took it! Kept us going until we had some cheap fish & chips dripping through newspaper wrapping later! XO

    • Yes, in student days my sister and I sustained ourselves in very much the same way, and no regrets!! Between that and student fares for transport and tickets, we had a pretty miraculously cushy time of it for our small budget! 😉

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