Know Thyself

digital montageA Map of the Interior

What lives inside my busy brain is far from France, the hills of Spain,

the Rio Grande, or the coast of Ireland, and yet almost

each single time I step inside, I see my thoughts roam far and wide,

as though the moment they begin, they light a universe within,

a place nobody else can sense, and yet it’s palpable, immense

and potent as no state on earth; this is my place of greatest worth.

If in your mind you travel, too, I hope the countries that are You

are equally enchanting, wide, and vivid, and that there inside

you find as you grow older, more great places that you can explore—

and if in old age we forget all else, we’ll have one journey yet

to places fond not left behind, the inner reaches of the mind.

10 thoughts on “Know Thyself

  1. Mind trip!! (one of my instructors called it ‘fighting klingons’) I’ve logged frequent flyer miles on those! 😉

    • It’s only in heart and mind that we can truly inhabit every molecule of our adventures, I think. Yours, I know, are rich as can be because of your wealth of imagination.

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