Upon Further Reflection


Let us pause for a moment of thought on who we are and what we’re not,

On living life as best we can, no matter whether beast or man,

And think of beauty, wisdom, skill, kind spirits, charm, and strength of will,

And not forget, not for one blink, we’re not as dandy as we think,

But all the same, let’s take the tack of cutting, each, ourselves some slack—

Our imperfections won’t be solved until we’re all far more evolved,

But what we are at present, still, has bits of charm, kind spirits, skill,

Has strength and wisdom; beauty too—and that gives us enough to do—

12 thoughts on “Upon Further Reflection

    • She’s a longtime resident in Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo. Besides her sweet face, she has great rapport with visitors who are willing to put our heads close enough to the glass partition so she can lovingly inspect our ears for mites, her favorite gesture of friendship! 🙂 I’ve met her a couple of times over the years and she’s fabulous.

    • You can see from my reply to Marie that this particular orang has even more going for her than those soulful eyes—which alone, as you note, are worth the attention. Maybe we can all aim to be as open in attitude as she is. Progress, Ho! 🙂

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