A Couple More Things I Tell Myself

…since I seem to be in the mode of self-improvement. Or, more likely, just talking to myself as usual…photo + text


10 thoughts on “A Couple More Things I Tell Myself

  1. Not meaning to hijak your post, but I don’t know if it’s me….I’m having a hard time seeing your font these days. It seems to be shrinking! Or my eyes are getting worse, lol.

  2. Speaking of naming, here’s a favorite passage of mine from a century ago by the French poet Francis Jammes:

    On a baptisé les étoiles sans penser
    qu’elles n’avaient pas besoin de nom, et les nombres,
    qui prouvent que les belles comètes dans l’ombre
    passeront, ne les forceront pas à passer.

    [We’ve baptized the stars without thinking
    That they didn’t need a name, and numbers,
    Which prove that lovely comets will pass on
    Into the shadows, won’t make them pass on.]

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