I Tell Myself These Things, Too…




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A Couple More Things I Tell Myself

…since I seem to be in the mode of self-improvement. Or, more likely, just talking to myself as usual…photo + text


On Thin Ice (Advice to the Peewee Hockey Player)

With special love to all of my Canadian friends!digital image from a photo

Out Cold

Do not the hockey puck invite

Your flaxen brow to cleave

By wearing not your shining helm;

And do not tear your sleeve

Upon the blade of someone’s skate;

And don’t assay to test

Opponents’ blows, save if you wear

A Kevlar hockey vest;

Avoid, if you are able to,

A stick thrust at your sternum,

For whacks like this are undesired

Even by those who earn ‘em;

Above all things, I recommend

You not enrage the goalie:

Though wounds are bound to happen here,

Some risks are just unholy.digital image from a photo

Trouble in Texas

photoDangers Just out of View

Do not pursue the missing sock,

The partner to your single shoe;

Though losing either one may rock

Your sense of balance, don’t pursue,

Unduly, missing treasures: wide

Their unwed wanderings may flee,

And you might quite unsettled be

To see on capture what’s inside.

Remember as you, hunting, run,

That warmth and dark like boot or sock

Is favored as a sun-baked rock

By spider, snake or scorpion.photo