Foodie Tuesday: If the Bunny is Coming, Maybe We Should have Some Eggs

Whether you’re on board with the celebration of Easter or not, you probably know that around this time of year lots of people think thoughts in a bunny-related vein. Rabbits have long been popular as symbols of fertility, spring and renewal in a wide range of human cultures and groups. If a cute little long-eared, hopping critter should happen to appear at your door in the near future, why not assume it’s a friendly visitation from the harbinger of true spring, whatever the form, and welcome the visit with great hospitality.

In addition to the bunny business, there’s the widespread recognition of the symbolism of eggs to express similar ideas. So whether or not you’re planning to celebrate a visit from the Easter Bunny with Easter Eggs, a rabbit’s presence could very happily be marked by a feast of eggs. Brunch, or otherwise.

I love eggs in so many, many preparations, but I am surely not alone in forgetting, that along with all of those familiar favorites, the egg represents not only a great symbolic entity but also an astoundingly versatile ingredient, capable of being prepared and enjoyed in innumerable ways. Go ahead and celebrate your spring rabbit revels with a great Benedict or soufflé or custard or omelette or eggnog, if you like; I will continue to delight in eating and drinking all of those and many more lifelong

But I might also fiddle around with those tasty little packages of refreshing nourishment in some less expected ways. Like, perhaps, a simple anytime meal of fried eggs on mashed potatoes, with a drizzle of rich gravy (my little trick for making it with meat juices is yummy for this, but I’d leave out the wine when making it for eggs; cream or yogurt would be nicer here; add sausage or leave it plain, as you wish) and a nice scattering of crispy potato crumbs made by pan-frying instant potato flakes in butter. Or enjoy the eggs as an accent in the meal, making Mexican-inspired deviled eggs—my own version of Huevos Diablos, if you will—a very simple item to prepare by mashing the yolks of hard boiled eggs with spicy salsa and crema to taste. Guacamole, by the way, makes the perfect egg-stabilizing perch on the plate, as well as a fitting accompaniment. Mmm, eggs. Hop on over and eat

11 thoughts on “Foodie Tuesday: If the Bunny is Coming, Maybe We Should have Some Eggs

  1. Beautiful dishes, Kathryn. So many great ways to prepare eggs. With a gravy… dear gosh, I wouldn’t mind being your neighbor. It sounds like you can make amazing food out of anything. I am with you – eggs are so tasty, nutritious and versatile all year long. Last night, we made Shakshuka eggs from the My Lilikoi Kitchen blog. They were dreamy! My best to you!

    • Dreamy recipes are always worth sharing! I’ll be over to check up on the Shakshuka eggs ASAP. 🙂

      I would love to have you as a neighbor. When you get the urge to come back to TX and visit you’ll just have to make sure you find a way to mosey through Denton on the way! 😀


  2. I agree with you, Kathryn, and love eggs just about any way that they can be served. And it there’s a dish that’s not made better by placing a poached or fried egg on top, I’ve yet to come across it.

    • Seriously. I think of eggs almost like Grandpa Wold did chocolate ice cream: that all other dishes are improved by the addition of the ingredient in question. Come to think of it, I do think of chocolate ice cream that way, too. Hmmm. Chocolate and eggs are pretty good companions, as well: choc custard, mousse, and suchlike, of course. Ooh, what about a burrito or torta with huevos en mole? Sorry! You always get me thinking of yet more food!!!

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