Photo montage: Portals 1Every doorway, every window, every gate is a portal to adventure. It may well be that those  portals are locked when I approach. More often than not, I find that it’s I who locked them up, who put impediments in my own way. That is the price of fear, of laziness, and of self-doubt. What holds me back or shuts me out is rarely an insurmountable obstacle; it’s me, often and only me. If I want to grow and change, learn and progress, it’s up to me to find the openings I most want to explore, and challenge the barriers with all my might. If I can’t find the key, I should make one. And frankly, if I can’t do that, I should probably make some adventures of my own and not bother waiting for the right portal to appear. Knock, knock! Life calling!Photo montage: Portals 2

16 thoughts on “Portals

  1. Love doors and windows, too, Kathryn! The unknown … it has us hesitate and want to find out at the same time. Oh, the ambivalence of life … but that is also what makes it magical at time. Lovely post. Hope you are well. XO ♥

    • Exactly, my dear. You read me so well! Having a marvelous, wonder-filled holiday full of doors, windows and paths that beckon and surprise us at every turn. Life is good. Love to you and your dear mother!

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